One of the most terrifying Alien creatures allegedly lies deep, somewhere in an ice water slumber. Even though this creature is the creation of a gripping mythology there are many coincidences that may wake you from your nightmare. There are many synchronicities that may indicate that “Cthulhu” may be rising from his sleep to rule the earth yet again.

As you sail among the seas of dreamland there are many places that are still uncharted and there are many vaults unopened in the mind’s eye. The Great Ones have evolved into fables and have been reduced to myths yet those who know the truth are beginning to come forward to say that the Titans that sleep below may rise again to rule the earth.
We all know that the Titans spoken of by H.P. Lovecraft are said to be a myth yet their spirits continue to haunt even the most skeptical of explorers. The waters still have many mysteries that lay in wait for those unfortunate enough to become snared in their perilous trappings.
Sailors who have traversed the deep areas where the creatures dwell hold sacred in their hearts what they have seen out in the void alone and sometimes to their sheer terror some of the more horrific secrets unfold and they never live to tell the tale.
Last year I took a trip to Miami to be interviewed for the Discovery channel Special “Return to the Bermuda triangle.” It was on this trip that I learned so many things that I didn’t know about the denizens of the deep and how there are frightening if not unearthly creatures that have been seen.
Sea Monsters are allegedly a product of myth, however the more you dip into strange waters the more you realize that anomalies in the ocean are abundant and that we may learn some very strange and wonderful things about what lives deep in the waters of our earth.
Many of us have watched the Hollywood movies and their creations. They have delivered movies that give us a warning that no matter what precautions you take, the sea is no respecter of persons and that perhaps a chaos rules the deep.
During my land and sea adventure in the Devil’s Triangle I realized how unfortunate that many debunkers have virtually rendered the watery real estate that spreads between Miami, San Juan, and Bermuda virtually free from culpability of the various disappearances and accidents there. Some believe that there are many Triangles all over the planet.
Many places where storms creep up from out of nowhere and ships along with planes disappear. Many stories have been buried regarding UFO’s and their relationship to the sea. Their emergence from the liquid medium has gone relatively ignored yet most UFO sightings happen over bodies of water. They descend from the sky and plunge into the sea or the inland lake. This raises the question “Do aliens find refuge in our seas?”
In the book Atlantis Rising, Brad Steiger, the Godfather of the occult speculated that fluid friendly aliens could be traced to inner space. He writes that we may look no farther than Atlantis, the legendary and mysterious Island that sank below the waters to find some of our Alien masters. Atlantis allegedly is situated in the middle of the Atlantic, which is coincidentally a place where vicious Hurricanes develop and many Ocean disasters have taken place. One of the newest areas of strangeness in the Atlantic area is being touted as the Block Island Triangle. The Triangle is more of a rectangle since the area spans west of the infamous Montauk area, up to Block Island 15 miles north northeast, in land northwest, and out to Plum Island and Nantucket 90 miles east. This area has seen many accidents recently like the TWA 800 disaster, Swissair 111 crash, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s ill-fated flight and the mysterious Egypt Air 990 crash.
Another terrifying area where there are reports of horrible monsters is the area of the great lakes . The Iroquois Indians would speak of the Serpents of the Lakes. Monsters that would rear their heads in storms and swallow ships whole. The White Man called it the Witch of November. A hag that would take many lives and was to be feared. The legends would continue and many would come face to face with the monster that lived below the icy waters. The problem is, the waters never gave up their secrets in the Great Lakes Triangle. All the witnesses have disappeared.
There are many places on the earth that are considered to be treacherous and perhaps cursed with monsters and “alien” activity. Loch Ness is a legendary beast of the inland Scottish waters that hogs the press when she decides to appear. New technology and traps are being set to find the elusive beasts that lurk in the dark waters. Other areas of legend are the cursed acid waters of the Great Salt Lake where storms come up from out of nowhere and cause weathermen to shake their heads. The Devil Sea off the coast of Japan has a nefarious reputation as well, and so do the treacherous areas near Cape Horn.
H.P. Lovecraft wrote about Cthulhu. It was one of the first stories to rise up and speak of a malevolent serpentine extra terrestrial. Cthulhu had a brood that was scattered throughout the earth after Pangea, the time where the continents were connected.
These hideously demonic Titans were half dragon half octipoid and would often find themselves at odds with other alien races that visited this planet. A cataclysmic event took place that wiped out the dinosaurs and sent Cthulhu and his spawn to various underwater dwellings. These dwellings were great stone palaces, which sank beneath the waves trapping the spawn and keeping them in suspended animation.
An earthquake allows Cthulhu to roam the seas again causing slaughter and Chaos. After his reign of terror his Island fortress sinks below the surface and Cthulhu sleeps with the promise of his return. It is to be a return of terror and bloodshed with horrible disasters that only take place upon the waters.
Of course Cthulhu is a myth that has entertained many readers since 1926. However a freelance writer from New York has found a coincidence in some little known scientific research. John Vincent Sanders captured my attention when he wrote an article for Fortean Times Magazine called “Titans Below.”
He claimed in his article, that during a Discovery Channel Broadcast called “Creatures of the Abyss” that a mysterious sound had been detected in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between New Zealand and Chile.
The location of these sounds is coincidentally in the same area of the ocean where Lovecraft claimed Cthulhu now sleeps awaiting his revenge on the world.
In the summer of 2011 in various locales there have been recordings made of strange roars coming up from the earth, and in other locations near the beaches. There was also a strange rumbling sound that was captured of the Oregon coast as well.
In the Pacific Ocean near Baja California a strange creature had turned up. It was an albino Cyclops shark.
Shark researchers have examined the preserved creature and found that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue. It was taken from the belly of a pregnant mama dusky shark caught by a commercial fisherman. It’s unlikely, however, that the malformed creature would have survived outside the womb.
Science is saying that the find is rare, however can this be evidence of some sort of mutation due to possible radiation from the nuclear disaster in Japan?
Moving to the northern pacific coast, fishermen had caught on camera a very large sea serpent in Cadboro Bay, in British Columbia. They say that what’s in the video is a sea serpent that dwells in the North Pacific and possibly other regions.
Accounts generally describe it as having a long neck, a horse-like head, large eyes, and back bumps that stick out of the water.
Sea serpents and strange creatures have always intrigued Cryptozoologists and there are several videos that purport o show these elusive creatures exist. There are also carcasses that wash up on beaches of what appear to be mutant fish, or creatures that many skeptics write off as dead raccoons or pigs. However there was a time in the North Atlantic that creatures were washing up on the beaches and many people were fearful that they mere mutants that escaped from the notorious Plumb Island.
The Montauk Monster made the headlines and there were several other reports of strange dead animals turning up. So far there have been no further reports of the creatures. These creatures were found in the Block Island triangle.
The big news recently is that a professor claims he may have found proof of the Kraken. A large sea creature that was known to eat whales and swallow up ships.
Professor Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, said he has discovered markings on the remains of sea creatures which could prove an ancient, mythical Kraken – was behind their demise.
McMenamin says his evidence of the Kraken, which would have been up to 30m long, comes from the vicious injures it inflicted on the giant marine reptile ichthyosaur, either by drowning the creature or snapping its neck. Apparently he discovered bones of this large creature and while Octopods do not fossilize there are indications that at one time there was a creature larger than most whales that swam in the oceans.
Many large creatures have also been reported off the coast of New Zealand which include giant squid that get as large as 50 feet or more.
Fans of H.P. Lovecraft know that the Old ones are watery monster sand the Grandfather of them all Cthulhu
Is an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature. It has a pulpy, tentacle head on a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings”, Even though the creature sleeps in a watery prison he will eventually return. Some will call him Leviathan, others the Kraken.
To the true believers he will be seen as the dark and unforgiving Cthulhu.

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