After looking into the rain water that fell and the strange white gummy particles involved I took it upon myself to consult with an independent observer. I was relating that over breakfast I noticed that the water that was served to my fiancé over breakfast was contaminated or at least it appeared milky and chalky. The unnamed person had told me that even he felt a bit paranoid after my discussions about the rain and how it seemed like it was milky, with a powdery, or hair like substance. He said that there were kits available to test the water and that he ran some tests. The water he was estimating contained a bit of pine tree pollen or fir tree pollen. However he also was interested because he was also detecting some zinc and aluminum in the water that he thought was a bit peculiar. He wasn’t able to determine if there was a toxicity, he just encouraged me to keep plugging away looking for answers.

Well I did and as I was looking over some interesting documents I started seeing some things that were being written about that I thought were old news. But now it seems that there really isn’t anything new under the sun and when we are seeing an environmental catastrophe taking place perhaps we should pin the blame on the elites and their ability to turn the planet against us.
There are many so called paranoid notions that much of what we hear in the news about mass death, suicide, catastrophe, and war are part of an agenda to thin the herd. However to give those so called delusions credence the holocaust has already begun.
It has started and has been ignored by the mainstream narrative in order to control the information about the environment and who really should be blamed for the negligence.
We can say that our waters are tainted with pollen all we want, the truth is far more deadly and the water isn’t the only method to carry out the cull. The other methods are creating a food panic where people will be afraid to even eat because of dangers to health.
There have already been velvet pogroms that are being suggested against the obese for over consumption and there are also propaganda campaigns against those who wish to have big families. The elite are also giving nature that added push to kill off human populations.
When the FDA allows certain additives and drugs that are classified as poisons to get into the food chain your chances of survival diminish. Your chances of having children diminish. Your right to life becomes some hypocritical issue that gets caught up in silly abortion arguments. Your right to life is being threatened and as we speak there are plans being made to take away your ability to seek healthy alternatives. The harvest or the Cull has begun and the reaping is evident.
It all begins in the eco system where the smallest of creatures are killed and the greatest alien threats are manufactured as contagions or non treatable bacteria. According to an anonymous tip that has been published by a credible European website called Red Ice creations, the saga of the bee cull still exists and while it is not the top story in the news there seems to be a virtual black out on what rally is killing them off and how new strains of disease are coming forward along with genetically modified bacteria and tiny bacterial mites are slowly taking hold of an organism and killing it off like n undocumented alien threat.
As we all were made aware in 2009 there has been a dramatic loss of bees in Europe and North America. As many as 50% to 90% of the bee populations have simply vanished.
This is a big deal.
Bees are a keystone species – they are vital to the food chain on our planet. An international study of 115 food crops grown in over 200 countries showed that 75% of crops are pollinated by animals, especially by bees.
At first it was believed that only honeybees were affected, but then bumblebee populations began to decline. The crisis was eventually given a name: Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.
There were initially several theories about the cause of CCDE, including Varroa mites, cell phone radiation and a virus similar to AIDS. However, it has now been proven that the bee deaths are actually the result of poisoning from two known pesticides called clothianidin and imidacloprid –manufactured by Bayer.
Many people think of Bayer simply as the company that makes aspirin since that is how they were founded. But they also produce many extremely toxic substances. In fact, Bayer was one of five companies that formed IG Farben in a 1925 merger. IG Farben was a huge Nazi supporter, and held the patent for the pesticide Zyklon B – which was used in Holocaust gas chambers. They also owned 42.2 percent of the company which manufactured it. Even more sickening, IG Farben used the Auschwitz facility to test its chemicals on human subjects.
In 1948, directors of IG Farben were indicted at a U.S. military tribunal, and at the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, where many were sentenced to prison for their horrible war crimes. Due to the severity of the crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, the company was considered to be too corrupt to be allowed to continue to exist. It was officially put into liquidation in 1952, but this does not mean the company ceased to be a legal entity. It continues even today as a corporation “in liquidation”, meaning that the purpose of the continuing existence of the corporation is being dissolved in an orderly fashion. Its shares are still traded on German markets.
Clearly too many powerful people stood to lose too much money if IG Farben had been liquidated immediately. The same is true of Bayer, which was obviously allowed to continue operations (along with partners BASF and Agfa). After all, it would have been a shame to waste the profits from all that research. So now the world is once again faced with a Bayer holocaust – only this time it is against the earth’s bee population.
The trade name for clothianidin is Poncho. The trade names for imidacloprid include Gaucho, Admire, Advantage, Merit, Amigo, Premise, Prothor, and Winner.
One of our most important crops is corn. But corn has an enemy called the “root worm.” It burrows into the roots of the corn plant and causes the plant to wither and eventually die. Major infestations can wipe-out entire crops.
As bad as it sounds, the root worm problem can actually be addressed quite easily with the practice of crop rotation. The larvae must feed on corn roots to survive and cannot travel more than 10 to 20 inches if hatched in a field rotated out of corn. However, rotating a field out of corn can result in lower farm profitability if there is less demand for the alternate crop. So in 2003, Bayer Pharmaceutical introduced two pesticides, classified as neonicotinoids, to combat root worms and capitalize on increased farm profits. These pesticides are now two of Bayer’s top agricultural products – even though profits are at the expense of a keystone species.
Corn seed is coated with Bayer’s pesticides by means of an adhesive developed by another industry giant: Monsanto. Despite studies which showed these pesticides are highly toxic to bees, their use was justified with the reasoning that the corn seed to which they were applied would be buried in the soil where it would presumably be harmless to other creatures. This was a grave mistake.
The first clue that Colony Collapse Disorder was the result of poisoning, similar to the DDT bird kill-off decades ago, was when Poncho was used on corn crops in Germany’s state of Baden-Wurttemberg. In July of 2007, the German crop was infested with root worms.
The German government ordered that every possible method should be used to eradicate this pest, including the use of neonicotinoids. Shortly after the seeds were planted, in May of 2008, some 330-million bees abruptly died. The global phenomenon has continued to this day, resulting in millions of dead colonies… billions of dead bees.
An investigation revealed that the seed coating did not stay in the soil but was introduced to the air (and the rest of the plant) by simple abrasion – the rubbing together of seeds – as they are stored, moved and planted. The German government quickly banned this pesticide, gave compensation to the farmers and issued a strong warning against using this chemical in agriculture. The German Federal Agriculture Institute confimed our worst nightmares , that poisoning of the bees was due to the rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from corn seeds.”
According to the German Research Center for Cultivated Plants, 29 out of 30 dead bees had been killed, in the 2008 study, by direct contact with clothianidin. Philipp Mimkes, spokesman for the German-based Coalition Against Bayer Dangers, said: “We have been pointing out the risks of neonicotinoids for almost 10 years now. This proves without a doubt that the chemicals can come into contact with bees and kill them.
These pesticides are still on the market and they are still wiping out bees.
The tobacco industry once touted that smoking a few cigarettes doesn’t give a person lung cancer, which is arguably true. Though today, nobody is fooled by this kind of double-speak regarding tobacco. Likewise, Bayer is quick to claim that feeding bees a specific amount of neonicotinoids, doesn’t kill the bees. This is more double-speak.
While trace amounts of neonicotinoids may not kill bees outright, they do interfere with the ability of bees to navigate to and from the hive. This is exactly what beekeepers and farmers have been reporting: half empty or abandoned hives with no dead bodies to be found anywhere. It has also been noted that the empty colonies are absent the usual parasitic bugs that typically take advantage of an abandoned hive. The colonies appear sterile. The pollen that they do manage to bring back to the hive is then further concentrated and exposed to the entire colony, causing suppression of their immune systems and subsequent infection by any number of parasites and pathogens.
I really do not believe that it is too far of a reach to conclude that if these companies kill off bee populations they most certainly won’t stop there.
Dogs are still dying from imported dog treats such as chicken jerky from China. People all over the country are in distress as they watch their perfectly healthy animals drop dead after eating dog food, mostly food that contains chicken meal that is imported from china.
Dogs that have become ill show “signs that may be associated with chicken jerky products include decreased appetite; decreased activity; vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; increased water consumption and/or increased urination. These signs may occur within hours to days of feeding the products. Laboratory tests may indicate kidney problems, including Fanconi-like syndrome. Although many dogs appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved dogs that have died. FDA continues to investigate the problem and its origin. Some of the illnesses reported may be the result of causes other than eating chicken jerky,” stated the FDA.
Since 2007, FDA also explained how it’s been actively investigating the cause of illness in pets reported in association with the consumption of chicken jerky products. For example, the FDA website noted how “samples have been tested by FDA laboratories, by the Veterinary Laboratory Response Network (Vet-LRN), and by other animal health diagnostic laboratories in the U.S for multiple chemical and microbiological contaminants.”
In turn, the FDA stated how product samples were tested for Salmonella, metals, furans, pesticides, antibiotics, mycotoxins, rodenticides, nephrotoxins (such as aristolochic acid, maleic acid, paraquat, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, toxic hydrocarbons, melamine and related triazines) and were screened for other chemicals and poisonous compounds. DNA verification was conducted on these samples to confirm the presence of poultry in the treats.
We have all been warned that murderers start small and then work their way up the food chain. From pulling wings off flies, to burning grasshoppers with magnifying glasses, hen torturing small animals and then doing a few harmful things to humans, eventually killing them off.
So what are a few bees in the mix or a few dogs or cats. What about killing off bottom feeders. Who are the bottom feeders? The old, the infirm, the mentally challenged and the obese? This is how it began in Germany before world war two. There were people being singled out, those who were told that they were a burden on Germany’s well being.
No one will wants to admit that perhaps open air testing is still going on. That perhaps there are dumps of bacteria and disease being introduced into the populace.
Meanwhile it all becomes academic when you read in the newspaper that any of the newest cases of flsh eating Bacteria have all takenplace within 200 miles of the headquarters of the centers for disease control. These things are plots taken right out of Zombie films. Now they are reality.
According to My Fox Atlanta these cases are now totaling 4 as of theis writing and each one is in the Georgia, the home of the CDC.
Aimee Copeland, 24, was riding a homemade zip line near the Little Tallapoosa River near Carollton, Georgia May 1st when the line snapped, causing a gash in her left calf. The bacteria thought to have triggered the infection, Aeromonas hydrophila, thrives in warm climates and fresh (brackish) water, like the river where Copeland was kayaking and zip lining with friends. Her case happened 51 miles West of the CDC.
Lana Kuykendall, 36, was infected on May 7th after she gave birth to twins at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta just a mile away from the CDC.
Bobby Vaughn, 32, Cartersville, Georgia a landscaper was injured at work May 4th when he suffered a cut to his his abdomen or thigh (varying reports).This happened 44.7 miles Northwest of the CDC
Paul Bales, 67, suffered a cut in his leg when he fell on May 2 as he cleaned up his boat ramp at his Milledgeville house. He believed that the injury was minor, so he put a Band-Aid on it and didn’t even go to the hospital. This incident took place 90 miles South of the CDC.
As we all can see there is an indication that the culling that we worry about has begun and the agendas of the elite are quite simply are geared towards global sustainability at whatever cost.

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