Throughout human history we are told of allegories where a God or a mystical being gives his life in order to save the planet from dying. We have been told that there is evidence to show that ancient Gods lived on the earth, that they created us from single celled organisms that were nurtured from the sea. It is said in our religious mythos that we must be born again of the water that life comes from the elements divinely seeded. The Gods or God himself was a gardener, planting the building blocks for life in an ocean of primordial matter.
We know something about the Gods we worship, we know something about the aliens we dream about, and that is they must be care takers for the planet and that for some reason they are observing us and at some moments in time sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the planet.

We read in our bibles and we learn in our mythologies that the whole universal concept is that of sacrifice, creation, and preservation of life. We can choose to have a hand in cultivating this rock we live in, or we can just sit back and let things deteriorate and blight. We know that this is what happens with neglect, we know that if we do not explore or use our imaginations nothing new will be explored.
The discouraging of thinking outside the box keeps us confined in one. It keeps us from reaching out and speculating about the plan that the engineers of the universe has for all of the inhabitance of the cosmos.
The life giver or the God that gave us intelligence did so because he saw that man would be unhappy stuck in an artificial paradise. The plan all along was for man to have joy and discover it amidst all of the peril and doom that he faces on a day to day basis.
I can’t help but quote something from Bela Lugosi as he presides as God in the Ed wood Film Glen or Glenda.
“Man’s constant probing of things unknown, drawing from the endless reaches of time, brings to light many startling things. Startling? Because they seem new. Sudden! But Most are not new.”
He is right most things are not new, there always seems to be a constant in the histories of the planet and that is a contact with something out in space. There is always some mystic story that when watered down sounds like a fairy tale, but when taken as it is supposed be taken we realize that we have an important function in the framework of the cosmos.
Primitive art has shown us where our gods can be found. They show people reaching into the heavens to show the glowing spheres or they show us that beings from the water came forth and taught us simple math, and ways to survive. These stories have remained with us for millennia. There are chariots of fire, the fiery shields, the dragon gods. They are all terms for the contemporarily UFO and alien sightings.
The debate continues over exactly what the truth is behind the sightings of anomalous objects that are above the earth. The U.S. Air force has explained on many occasions that a lot of what is seen can be explained. However with the obsession of extraterrestrial mythology and reality, every bright light, shooting star, experimental plane, and weather anomaly can end up on the front pages of tabloid newspapers and on special fringe news programs labeled as bonafide extra terrestrial craft with the acronym UFO attached to it.
Special effects wizards can create on a computer grid, creatures that once occupied our darkest nightmares from dinosaurs to slimy tentacled aliens with acidic blood and gnashing teeth.
They are fun to watch with a fist full of popcorn at a matinee but when they are made to deliberately fool you then we start to see the devaluing of the subject matter.
I enjoy Science fiction myself and I embrace the enduring wonder and the introduction of aliens in the pop culture, however not everyone is enchanted by Star Wars or the geekiness of Star Trek. People complain that every where they look there is a buggy-eyed alien looking back at them.
The end result is future shock, a term that is applicable when we begin to have media bombard us with one particular way of thinking. This creates a tune out factor and prejudice that blocks out any information that may be valuable.
For the first time in probably our history we may have a smoking gun artifact linked to an advanced civilization or quite possibly an extra-terrestrial vehicle. However the unfortunate thing is that the discover y is so inconvenient to conventional thinking that depending on where you look you may get a load of half witted debunking, fodder for the disclosure project or even fantasies about widgets that look like something out of George Lucas’ Star wars movies.
Back in 2011 in passing I reported that a CNN special report had focused on a discovery of what appeared to be a formation that looked unnatural under the Baltic Sea. The object submerges looked an awful lot like the Millennium falcon, a fictitious space craft from the movie Star Wars. It was reported that it was simply a rock formation. The story didn’t seem to capture the imaginations of the world. Lately however the news seems to be spreading that in an attempt to debunk the possibilities of it being a UFO or USO deep sea divers are now shocked that what they have find could very well be the real deal.
It was June 19t, 2011 when a group of Swedish Treasure hunters mad a strange find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. During a Sonar survey of the sea floor they found a huge disc shaped object resting at a depth of 280 feet. Experts from all over the world failed to explain exactly what the divers had discovered.

The rounded object is about 195 feet in diameter. The ocean X team has now confirmed that the object is mushroom-shaped with the rounded part raised about 10 to 13 feet above the seabed. Leading to the object is a downhill trail more than 300 yards long which the divers described as a runway.
An egg-shaped hole at the top of the disc appears to be some sort of opening. Nearby are strange stone circle formations that look rather like small fireplaces and appear to be covered in soot. According to the divers, the object has rounded sides and rugged edges.
The divers took samples which are now being examined by scientists, alongside expert analysis of sonar imagery to ascertain what the object might be.
As divers prepare to keep looking for clues to what the object might be it looks as if they are running into some difficulty because Russian and American war drills are being carried out in the vicinity.

The Diving Company finds sunken ships and retrieves their contents for profit. In 1997 they found the ship Jönköping, which was loaded with 2.500 bottles of an amazing champagne: Heidsieck&Co Monopole 1907 “Gout Americain” dedicated to the Russian Imperial Fleet.
They sold those bottles for $13,000 each.
Anomalous objects have been in our history for several millennia. They have taken on the characteristics of Gods, demons, angels, fairies, sprites, gnomes, leprechauns, and aliens. They have traveled in pillars of fire, fiery chariots, glowing spheres, demon ships, glowing clouds, silver eggs, and brooms, buzzing insects with breastplates of iron, comets, saucers, and triangles.
This phenomenon continues to exist, and while the argument is that it is a psychological phenomenon we need to acknowledge that hypothesis without reticence in order to maintain a bit of credibility to our research and study.
However I must clarify that It is highly unlikely that every experience is psychological and we must cautiously embrace the other explanations as well.
It is also important to acknowledge the possibility of nature and its ability to continually surprise us with new data and new life that we have overlooked. It is far too tempting to engage in flights of fancy when investigating these miraculous sightings.
There have been so many things going on around us and the arrogance that seems to be flaunted by the elite has me wondering if perhaps there will be another monument us event that will humble everyone. Is this the very artifact we have been searching for that will change the way we see ourselves as humans?
All theories and speculations that challenge the mainstream are always laughed at in the beginning. But we must have an open mind and learn to embrace new ideas because in the big picture we are still children when it comes to new information about our neighboring celestial bodies we aren’t even as aware of what may be beneath us in the depths of the sea.
We must understand that all things in both air and sea can astound us. It can lead us in directions that will open our minds to a new way of looking at our creation and the relationship we have with our extra-terrestrial brothers. They may perhaps be our Gods. Their discovery would create so many questions.
The time for real growth has arrived.

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