On Thursday, May 17th, there was a common anomaly in the sky above Portland. It was a sundog and while many people looked up and wondered about the strange circular rainbow around the sun, the local weather report gave a text book version of what a sundog is. A sundog, of course, is caused by angular ice crystals that appear in the sky creating a full rainbow circle around the sun. It is a normal occurrence. However, this sundog looked oily and the dirty clouds surrounding it were brown and didn’t look natural. In fact something was in the sky that looked like it was a pollutant.

There are many sky watchers who have claimed that some sundogs are created with the aid of optically diffusive anthropogenic particles. I was curious if there was a forest fire somewhere creating an oily cloud cover. There were no reports of fires in the area so I had to conclude that there was something that polluting the air above me creating this oily rainbow.

I speculated that these particles could have been produced with the aid of aerosolized spraying over populated areas. I reluctantly wanted to say that it was brought on by chemtrails however it is a topic that always raises controversy because it is difficult to explain to the laymen just how there are known condensation trails that come off of a plane at about 40,000 feet and what appear to be heavy trails that are laid in the sky that spread out and create cloud cover over a certain area.
It is not a secret that the United States has a rich history of simulant and biological open air tests over populated areas. It is documented that bio-weapon open-air experimentation on the American people took place from the 1940’s to the early 1970’s.
The army released simulant agents over hundreds of populated areas around the country. Targets included portions of Hawaii and Alaska, San Francisco, St. Louis, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington, D.C., Key West, and many other cities. The purpose was to see how the bacteria spread and survived as people went about their normal activities.
Evidence suggested that the tests may have been causing illness to exposed citizens. Nevertheless, the health of the millions of people exposed was never monitored because the army assumed that the bacteria and chemicals were harmless. The tests involved spraying aerosolized simulants from planes and helicopters over populated areas.
In fact, after 45 years of open air testing, the army stopped using certain simulants for reasons of safety. In each instance, the army belatedly recognized they could be causing disease, birth defects and death, although such information had long been available in medical literature. This was the case in the 1950s when the Military stopped using “Black Mold” as a simulant. The fungus had long been known to cause aspergillosis, a disease that can be fatal.
Similarly in the 1960’s, the Army stopped using zinc cadmium sulfide; a chemical that had been known for years to cause cancer. In the 1970’s, the bacterium, Serratia marcescens caused many infections that lead to death of healthy individuals, was taken out of service as a simulant. And in the 1980’s, a chemical known as DPP, was removed from use as a simulant because of its carcinogenic and other toxic potential.
Neurotoxins that were used in the open air testing were known for causing birth defects and mutations in human and animal DNA. These effects were minimal according to the Military, and so these tests continued well into the late 1980’s; it was alleged that they stopped under the orders of then President Bill Clinton. More horrific information was released about biological human testing and the effects of open air tests on animals.
In 1979, a declassified review claimed that the United States intensified its development of ethnic weapons designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA. These weapons were classified under Project Code named MK NAOMI which specifically was a plan to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices to use for the diffusion of such materials over widely populated areas. Much of the details of the operation and how the materials were dispersed is scarce. However, new programs replacing M.K. NAOMI through the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command gave evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops and animal products that have been examined under field conditions.
One of them included the deliberate spraying of neurotoxins on crops, cows, and sheep. Helicopters were fitted with spray tanks and later C-130’s were also fitted with tanks that would spray a chemical trail over a large area.
Modular Aerial Spray Systems or MASS were used to conduct night time aerial spray missions on animals and crops . Each system can be configured with up to four 500 gallon tanks for a total volume of 2000 gallons. C-130H aircraft were modified to perform aerial application of toxins. The MASS is built by Lockheed/Conair.
One of the major design criteria of the MASS was that it had to be a “roll-on/roll-off” system allowing the aircraft to be reconfigured for spray or airlift in under an hour. To accommodate the Roll-on/Roll-off design, the full MASS is designed in 3 modules, each attached to modified standard (463L) aircraft cargo pallets. The operators console, pumps, catwalks, and cradles for flush and chemical tanks are all secured to these modified pallets.
The pallets lock into the C-130’s dual rail system. Once the MASS is loaded, interconnecting plumbing and electrical circuits tie the MASS modules together. To contain any spillage of spray materials, a 1.5″ lip (drip pan) surrounds the pallets. The dry weight of the MASS is 10,500 lbs.
In 2003, a report was filed by Tectronics Limited regarding the creation of Aluminum nanopowder using DC atmospheric plasma technology for upper atmospheric dispersal. The work was funded under contract from QinetiQ, formally the United Kingdom Defense and Evaluation Research Agency. QinetiQ is also a former partner of The Carlyle group. The Carlyle Group is the principle contractor and the Military Industrial complex. And is the defense contractor for the multi- faceted atmospheric plasma program called “Cloverleaf”
Operation Cloverleaf has been a modified atmospheric experimental program that has existed since the first Gulf War which includes and is not limited to: weather modification, military communications, space weapons development, ozone and global warming research plus biological weaponry, and aerial detection testing that uses aerosolized powders and modified agents that perform a multitude of tasks.
For me, it was important to bring up this research because after Portland saw the amazing sundog, the weather had changed. As I prepared for the UFO Festival in McMinnville Oregon, I was noticing that the murky oily clouds persisted. Temperatures in Portland had dropped from 88 degrees for highs, To 60 degree temperatures and colder temperatures at night dipping to 45.
Some will say that it is not all that abnormal for weather in Oregon to change dramatically but I had commented to my fiancé Janine that I had been smelling chemicals in the air that had an odor similar to fertilizer and other times I could detect a hint of what smelled like creosote, Creosote has often smelled similar to Ozone, or the smell that exists during a lightning storm or snow storm.
It was peculiar. On May 18th, my friend Beau and I we traveling to McMinnville Oregon to the 13th Annual UFO fest. We headed down the pacific coast Highway through Dayton Oregon and then we turned off on Highway18 wanting to arrive at our Hotel about 25 miles southwest of McMinnville.
The entire area is rural and there is really no civilization out past McMinnville. There are only farmhouses and land. There are some hills and trees. There is a line of sight that is vast and this is probably why they call the area UFO country since Paul and Evelyn Trent snapped a Photo of a saucer on their farm in May of 1950. There were no flying saucers in the sky that day However Beau and I were surprised to see in the air above us a Black Military Helicopter flying low over a field ahead of us.
It was a bit eerie to see the Black helicopter maneuver over an area where you appear to be the only vehicle on the road. We joked that we were watching the Ground Zero welcoming committee. Ahead of us we were seeing a few vehicles speeding out of a field. We commented on how fast they were moving out ahead of what appeared to be a white cloud that was hovering about 100 feet above the ground. The cloud appeared to be just west of the area where we saw the Black Helicopter.
We were watching as a thick white cloud was laid over a field and how it expanded to cover the ground with a white powder. The cloud looked as if it was a cloud of talcum powder or cornstarch. We had never seen anything like it before and Trucks were seen leaving the area as the cloud was lowering on to the well groomed soil.
We were traveling on the Highway and really didn’t have time to shoot pictures. I needed to be back in McMinnville for a live Broadcast so we weren’t able to stop. However the experience was strange to say the least.
The weekend came and went and as we were returning back to Portland we saw the groomed field and the soil was stark white. We only could conclude that what we saw was some sort of spraying that may have been farm related. We were not really trying to connect the Black helicopter to the spraying but the thought had crossed our mind.
On Monday after the event Portland experienced some very hard rains. This is normal for a spring in Portland. What isn’t normal is for me to have burning eyes. I do have allergies, however they aren’t as bad when it rains. In fact if there was any pollen at all the rain would help in cleansing the air. Once again Janine had noticed that my eyes were red and puffy and suspected some kind of conjunctivitis. I said I would be fine; however the sensation of the itchy burning eyes was actually dragging me down. I was feeling sluggish. I thought if I went for a walk I would somehow wake up.
As I was walking I noticed that the black top had white residue on them. It looked as if someone had sprinkled Coffee creamer on the streets.

White Powder on Black top
It was light in some spots and there was rainbow sheen in the water. Oily deposits are typical in ponds and in mud puddles.

What wasn’t typical was as I was walking near the storm drains I began to see more deposits of the bone colored “powder” I touched it and smelled it. It had the scent of a chemical, my first thought was paint, but it wasn’t the smell of paint it smelled like fecal material.

It irritated my nose and I was worried that I might have smelled something that would kill me; I rushed into wash my hands and rinse my eyes. I told Janine about and she was saying that she thought it was tiny petals from a tree that had blossoms. I asked her to touch the blossoms and they didn’t have the same consistency.
My producer Wes and I were also caught in the rain and he noticed on his jacket what looked like spattered milk. I told him that the rain has something in it that is turning it a milky white. He was shocked at the photos I showed him of the white traces of powder near the storm drains.
The white substance in the rain is still a mystery to me but this experience reminds me of something that happened in 1994 over the Northwest. In 1994, over a two-week period in August, a gelatinous substance reportedly fell from the sky six times during several storms in Oakville, Washington.
The mysterious goo allegedly contained white blood cells and several acids that can be found in the stomachs of humans and animals, (Cows?) and was reported to infect anyone it touched with symptoms of exhaustion, breathing problems, heavy perspiration, fainting, and other flu-like symptoms. Several animals in the area are reported to have died because of this. Coincidentally, residents reported strange aerial spraying being done by military aircraft prior to the event. This is allegedly where the alleged “Chemtrail Spraying” hysteria began.
There is a well-documented biological component to continuously ongoing atmospheric studies in which nations and regions are furtively inoculated via specially designed delivery systems with combinations of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, desiccated blood cells and exotic biological markers so that test masters can assess human, animal and plant response. The Chemtrail experiment is quite literally a iatrogenic artifact that was intentionally being used by the bio warlords under the direction of the CIA.
The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these biochemical projects against humanity includes the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of national labs and universities. Private defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved. Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some United Nations agencies are complicit, since the aerosol projects are global in scope.
This has been called “geo-engineering.”
I am sensing that the spraying now is going beyond the mandate of geo-engineering and that we may see contagion and pandemic panic on the horizon. I have never seen anything like this and I am beginning to think that the deadly mix they are spraying will take time to incubate leaving people sickly and many dying.
With millions of lives in the balance this issue is one that you should not be sick of hearing about or talking about. It is unfortunate that the pandemics, the forced inoculations and chemtrail scares have now have been downplayed as minimal threats.
I hate to say it, but a topic that I avoid because of the various theories is now a topic that we should consider as the harbinger for a mass contagion on the horizon. In the meantime, there may truth in what is found in the rain.

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