In my recent studies about UFOs and UFO history over the Baltic I discovered an amazing story about NATO maneuvers in 1952 that confirm that there may have been continued testing of German or Russian Saucers and that there may have been a secret underwater base that house both triangular and saucer prototypes similar to what may have been discovered recently in the Baltic.

According to researcher Richard Hall n the vicinity of Denmark & Norway, a particularly interesting series of UFO reports came from the vicinity of the “Operation Mainbrace” NATO maneuvers held in September 1952.
The maneuvers commenced September 13th and lasted twelve days. According to the U. S. Navy, “units of eight NATO governments and New Zealand participated, including 80,000 men, 1,000 planes, and 200 ships. in the vicinity of Denmark and Norway . . . .” Directed by British Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, “it was the largest NATO maneuver held up until that time.”
On September 13th, The Danish destroyer Willemoes, participating in the maneuvers, was north of Bornholm Island. During the night, Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and several members of the crew saw an unidentified object, triangular in shape, which moved at high speed toward the southeast. The object emitted a bluish glow. Commander Jensen estimated the speed at over 900 mph.
Within the next week, there were four important sightings by well-qualified observers. (Various sources differ by a day or two on the exact dates, but agree on details. There is no question about the authenticity of the sightings; the British cases were officially reported by the Air Ministry, the others are confirmed by reliable witnesses. All occurred on or about September 20).
On September 19th A British Meteor jet aircraft was returning to the airfield at Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England, just before 11 A. M. As it approached for landing, a silvery object was observed following it, swaying back and forth like a pendulum. Lieutenant John W. Kilburn and other observers on the ground said that when the Meteor began circling, the UFO stopped.
It was disc-shaped, and rotated on its axis while hovering. The disk suddenly took off westward at high speed, changed course, and disappeared to the southeast.
About September 20–Personnel of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier participating in the Mainbrace maneuvers, observed a silvery, spherical object which was also photographed. The pictures have never been made public. The UFO was seen moving across the sky behind the fleet. Reporter Wallace Litwin took a series of color photographs, which were examined by Navy Intelligence officers.
The Air Force project chief, Captain Ruppelt stated: “The pictures turned out to be excellent judging by the size of the object in each successive photo, one could see that is was moving rapidly.” The possibility that a balloon had been launched from one of the ships was immediately checked out. No unit had launched a balloon. A poor print of one of the photographs appears in the Project Blue Book files, but with no analysis report.
On September 20th At Karup Field, Denmark, three Danish Air Force officers sighted a UFO about 7:30 P.M. The object, a shiny disk with metallic appearance, passed overhead from the direction of the fleet and disappeared in clouds to the east.
On September 21st Six British pilots flying a formation of RAF jets above the North Sea observed a shiny sphere approaching from the direction of the fleet. The UFO eluded their pursuit and disappeared. When returning to base, one of the pilots looked back and saw the UFO following him. He turned to chase it, but the UFO also turned and sped away.
On September 27and 28th Throughout Western Germany, Denmark, and southern Sweden, there were widespread UFO reports. A brightly luminous object with a comet like tail was visible for a long period of time moving irregularly near Hamburg and Kiel. On one occasion, three satellite objects were reported moving around a larger object. A cigar-shaped object moving silently eastward also was reported.
Since existing documentation shows that U. S. Navy and Air Force Intelligence, and the RAF, were studying these incidents, it is a safe assumption that more information exists in the files of NATO, the British Air Ministry, the U. S. Navy, and the U. S. Air Force. The sightings remain unexplained.
Recently released their research on the possibility that what is below the waters of the Icy Baltic sea is a German flying disc. There have also been others who despite the ruling out of such theories are leaning towards this possibility. According to a recent article the history of the German weapons testing and the possibility of Nazi saucers over flying over the Baltic sea is compelling,
Dr Heinrich Richard Miethe was the designer and builder of the wartime German saucer project, the V-7. Dr Miethe worked during the war at a German facility in Breslau, now part of modem Poland. After the war, he was recruited by the Americans and Canadians to recapitulate his earlier work for Germany in America.
As ever, we have no idea how the saucers flew or functioned, but more than two years later, in September 1952, the Italian magazine ‘Tempo’ published some fuzzy photos of something looking not unlike a curling stone, on an angle against a featureless background.
These, ‘Tempo’ claims, were taken over the BALTIC SEA on April 17, 1944, when the Miethe saucer was test-flown. The article persisted with the assertion that the Russians had obtained the secrets of these miraculous flying discs.
Several book and article illustrators tried to portrait the craft claimed by the “inventors” or witnesses of Nazi flying saucers just following the descriptions provided by them. Results were often quite exotic and far from the original words, likely to try to make even more visually-appealing the story about a fantastic Nazi super-weapon.
Perhaps the so called Cosmic Watergate is far deeper that what happened at Roswell. To dismiss what came before that event is only getting part of the story and it is unfortunate that events like the Battle of Los Angeles, Maury island and Kenneth Arnold are not looked into in depth. They are all part of the picture, and they indicate a secret super weapons program that included flying saucers. Where the technology came from is a matter of speculation and it could lead back to the aliens as my stemmed guest Maximillien de Lafayette indicated before he was called away for some mysterious reason.
From the sightings of Kenneth Arnold in the Northwestern United States until now we have to assume that Ufology has grown up. Colleges are beginning to accept UFO existence, but they will not go out on a limb and state that extra terrestrials are piloting these craft. There is still that small percentage that might lend itself to the outrageous. But we should not let that get in the way of a true investigation.
It is unfortunate that the mainstream media networks in the United States haven’t a clue when it comes to reporting mysterious anomalies. The minute that someone suggests extra-terrestrial connections or even the axiom UFO they want to make fun at it. It is as if they are above reporting something like this.
It is interesting to note that in the 1960’s and 1970’s stories such as these would be of profound interest. Now these stories are thrown at lifestyle writers who would rather be taking quotes from Lindsay Lohan in the gutter.
The Media will find ways to twist a UFO story. They will come to the conclusion themselves that when a person uses the word UFO that they are meaning, a craft with little grey or green men inside. New ufologists know that this is not the case. It is the old misconceptions that hurt a serious investigation. It is the holding on to old myths that jeopardize true science and analysis. Some will find a hidden meaning in the simplest explanations. To toy with a Freud quote “Sometimes a cigar shaped craft from another world is not necessarily a cigar shaped craft from another world.”
This is definitely something we should consider with regard to the Baltic Sea anomaly. It may not be from another world, even though the UFO enthusiasts are hopeful. This structure may have some archaeological significance or there is circumstantial evidence including silenced researchers and theorists that are proposing that what we are seeing is some military relic that was tested by the German Luftwaffe near Peenemunde.
Believe me I have been listening to Interviews with the explorer teams, and have watched various clips of the teams discovery and I still have no clue as to what it might be.
My suspicions are of course well known, and the experiences that I have been having have been dramatic to say the least. Despite the fact that ancient alien spokespersons like Henry Stevens and Maximillien De Lafayette have commented about the German technology and its links to American aerospace, the fact remains that there is nothing really confirming the reality of a Nazi saucer in the depths of the Baltic. I recently caught a radio Interview with Ocean Team X leader Peter Lindberg and there still seems to be a lot of confusing statements and a lot of information that is lost in translation about the object due to the American media’s refusal to report about this anomaly without throwing in its comparisons to the Millennium Falcon from Star wars or coining the phrase “The truth is out there.”
There needs to be a moratorium on this phrase because it is comparative to saying “who cares” rather than a serious look into the anomalies in our lives.
Even Maximillien De Lafayette had mentioned that he was part of an organization that would not allow him to give too many details about the Baltic Sea anomaly and was later silenced on my radio show. This is documented and it does raise eyebrows about what really is going on.
Mining information on the internet means that you have to go into conspiracy blogs and try and assess information and disinformation. The Above Top Secret website provided a lot of information about de Lafayette and I was surprised at the transcript work that was done on that site about exactly what was said by him. I also was very grateful to “Free Planet” a web blog provided by Mike Philbin from the U.K. who objectively reported the incident.
Disclose.Tv has launched the meme of the Nazi saucer theory and now I am following their information based on my show. It is bizarre to be the subject of all the attention and all of these informative websites seem to know what is happening which is welcome and unnerving at the same time.
The case is getting weirder by the minute and now it seems that we have to wait another two weeks before we hear more about the Case. Dennis Asberg, one of the explorers did a radio interview where he confirmed that the crew thinks that the object is manmade, or at least a natural formation that has been altered or engineered by man. Whether or not this object proves to be of natural or extraterrestrial origin, Åsberg confirms that there is the possibility that the debris was dumped there by another nation such as Russia or Germany. While there are many groups that are saying Nazi saucer it seems that many groups are going out of their way to downplay the very notion. The question is why? Everything else has been talked about and while it could be “debris” from Russia or Germany – and while it looks very much like a V-7 Saucer – there is only the facts as we now know them.
The surface of the anomaly is like concrete in texture and appearance. The dome rests on a massive pillar it is about 180-190 feet thick.
The exterior is saucer shaped or shaped like an upside down plate or mushroom. It is about 180 meters in circumference with a 4 meter thick dome on the top. There are cavities or what look like entry ways on the object – some are speculating corridors in the structure with straight smooth walls in certain areas with many right angles. There have also been reports that inside the structure are what appears to be a staircase. What is curious is what has been called the runway or skid area that is there in the sea bed indicating that the object skidded across the surface and rested there.
Sounds like something flew in and rested there. Whether it is extra terrestrial or secret German technology is the mystery and it is exhausting to find any information when you are battling the naysayers and armchair cynics who declare that they “know” intentions and they “know” character and make up stories about investigators in order to somehow discredit an investigation.
Is it so wrong to acknowledge that perhaps there are people who may scheme behind our backs and use their influence to get more power and use this particular power to further enslave our minds while picking our pockets?
If an army storms into your neighborhood with huge weapons, steals your home, and pushes you out of the neighborhood, and the Morning paper announces that this is merely a drill and not an invasion would you give a sigh of relief saying, “Thank God these nice men with guns aren’t invading my neighborhood they are only doing what the government says is for our own good.?” That scenario is extreme of course but when have you ever protested a misuse of the justice system? Or a Tax increase? Or perhaps a war?
You probably haven’t because the News tells you that it’s really something that you shouldn’t worry about. They know more than you do. Or someone else shoots down a thought or an idea because they have the facts and all you have is Innuendo and paranoia.
As long as someone tells you that everything is not a conspiracy, or as long as someone tells you that conspiratorialists are nut cases, you will choose to believe that everything you hear, read or watch is for your own good and that it’s the truth. That as long as the action wasn’t planned in some smoke filled underground bunker at Wright Patterson air force base it’s okay, there is nothing to fret over.
I refuse to think that everything in this world is taken care of. That nothing slips through the cracks. I also refuse to believe that there are no secrets. There are secrets and it has been proven time and time again that secrets can be taken to the grave.
There are so many brilliant loops in any crazy conspiracy theory that no one can successfully refute all of the data. There are some people out there who want to stop me and say “Clyde here is the answer it is simple..Yadda yadda yadda, I listen, but it seems like the answers always seem to spiral into either “God will always bail us out ” or ” What you’re saying about the government isn’t true they are not singling out you or anybody else it’s all for the common good.”
If anyone gives me a black and white answer or gives me an obvious condescending answer I become hostile. Because they are of the opinion that things are best left to the talking heads who tell us that everything is fine. The beauty of it all is that any evidence against a conspiracy idea also functions as evidence to support that idea. Arguably those who attempt to discredit or point out their facts are looking just as foolish as those who come up with the crazy ideas in the first place. The whole thing is laughable.
If you disagree about what I say that is fine. If I am hostile in an argument it is because I detect a condescending blow to my intellect. It has been my experience that people tend to talk down to nutcases like me who report and push Conspiracy theories. They set traps when they ask questions like “Do you believe in aliens?” If I say yes I am screwed. If I say no I am screwed. It’s like if I say anything that even shows that I give any credence to any of it, I’d be better off putting on my tin foil hat and avoid all mind control waves by sitting in my bunker reading The Weekly World News and believe every page.
This is why I won’t tolerate it. It’s a bruise to my ego and my common sense. I am the first to admit it. If that makes me a bastard then so be it. This is not some religious fanaticism as to whether or not aliens exist or whether or not there is a cover up or a cosmic scaled threat.
It is a matter of what is going on while you aren’t looking. Are you aware of everything that goes on in the world? Because if you are then I congratulate you on your ability to analyze all the data and stimuli that hits you in a 24 hour period.
I’m not saying that large doses of Paranoia are healthy; I just say that controlled paranoia will protect you and will make you aware of what might be happening or of what is happening.
The problem with what I do is that it reminds me of my vulnerability, my gullibility, and my ability to be fooled. Either I am lying, or they are. I could swear that I am telling the truth and you could believe me all the way, but that would be out of the question if you are paranoid.
I am not investigating what I want to believe—I hope that I am investigating what I know—and what I know is that someone doesn’t want you to know the truth about the Baltic sea anomaly.

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