It has been my intention lately for people to try to listen to what their hearts are telling them about what is happening in the world. There are so many people who are riders of the whim, and forget that everything we see is not always what it appears to be. When people watch a royal wedding, they just see a royal wedding consciously. However there is no telling how the words and rituals are affecting the subconscious. When people see a tragedy they all interpret it in many ways. When they hear that our Government has killed a named villain we react in the way that is similar to a good fairy tale. We cheer the death of the villain and believe that there is no real story within the story. The very thought or even the very expression of this thought can annoy people. It can get under their skin because it violates core beliefs.

If people could see how their reactions and behaviors and how they change like hats depending on the zeitgeist they would be embarrassed at how gullible they can become.
Many of us react to crisis and fear more than any other emotion. Anger is destructive and sadness slows down the character. Fear however works in a lot of cases and creates action like a zombie does in a graveyard. Fear can exist in periphery of our subconscious and every dark character can appear in the corner of the eye shocking and throwing your mental health into a cautious state.
You second guess yourself when you have paranormal experience. You also find yourself confused when you realize your world has as many layers as an onion. Buried deep within the subconscious are the phobias that shape your belief system. They motivate you and most people form opinions and habit based in their hidden phobias. Many people find refuge in the refusal to commit to a belief system, however there are moments where strange events can nag at the staunch non believer and again the confusion begins.
The supernatural scares include ghosts, and various shadowy monsters. The news reports common scares like murderers and natural disasters. When we narrow down those scares and whittle away the fat we find ourselves in the well of the demonic. We conclude that there has to be an evil that exists, something that reminds us that there is a cold and non forgiving spirit that can manifest in the flesh. Our thoughts betray us and the fears we have that rule us are manifesting now and we see that we are living in times where the veil seems to be lifting and every vampire and werewolf becomes a tangible and frightening reality.
I am beginning to see that a very real evil is somehow intertwined with the extraterrestrial experience. Since I have been broadcasting on KXL I have seen a change in the attitudes of most people who believe in Aliens. While there are a handful of new age hopefuls looking to the heavens for an intervention, there are many more that are concluding that the greater darkness that exists will come from the sky. There are theories about Planet X, space platforms coming from the sun, and comets that are going to pass over the earth that will be too close for comfort. The Christian world is looking at these ideas as proof that the signs from the sky are significant portents leading to the end of the world.
We are being warned that there are wormholes or portals that can be opened through ritual or through the auspices of super colliders and those real entities can pass through and haunt mankind and change the direction of the future.
We can look back at occultists like Aleister Crowley, Ed Kelly and John Dee and how they used special keys to open the heavens and communicate with beings from the sky. We also have learned of rituals like the Babylon working carried out by rocket scientist Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. This ritual allegedly opened up a vortex in the New Mexico desert and something came through. Many believe it was a demonic entity that had similar features as the sylph like alien grey. The objective of all of these alchemists was to find a doorway to heaven or hell depending on the perspective of historians.
This has been my worry with the quest to find the Higgs Boson or the God particle. The Large Hadron Collider has many uses and the public really doesn’t understand the mystery of the beast. It is literally a beast of sorts and the CERN logo is quite interesting as there seems to be a hidden mark of the beast with an interlocking 666.

When scientists successfully find the energy similar to that of the big bang they also can find the secret to opening multi-dimensions. It is literally the power to open heaven and earth to allow the scientific passport for al sorts of strange entities to enter into our universe.
On the Campus of CERN is Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds. Shiva is the same or the equivalent to the Babylonian Bel.. Bel is “another name for the horned god Baal,” and the name Satan was also used to describe the God Baal. The magnetic helioscope used at CERN was called SATAN. SATAN was an acronym for the Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna.

CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and “Saint Geniis” are similar to the word “Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe. They want to open a doorway to another dimension and find God. CERN can also be taken from the ancient term Cernunnos meaning the horned one. It makes one question the true purpose of CERN and what God or power they wish to harness.

Some believe that this indicates that the mission of CERN is to open a hole or Abyss and bring back Apollyon. Apollyon or Apollo is the God of destruction.
Nostradamus may have predicted a possible wormhole or electronic vortex event in Geneva when he wrote in Century 9 Quatrain 4:
“ Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you, Saturn (Satan) will be converted from gold to iron, RAYPOZ will exterminate all who oppose him, Before the coming the sky will show signs.”
Many people have tried to interpret RAYPOZ as being the name of the antichrist. But as you can see CERN has used SATURN/ SATAN or CERNUNNOS as a RAY BASED POSITRON SOURCE. This power can be used against the Earth.
Could there be an underlying agenda to bring through a dimensional doorway entitles that can be described as “aliens” when in reality they are demonic entities brought forth from the underworld?
Imagine the real tangible appearance of entities that do not belong in this world. Imagine how the possibility could be abused and the fear of such entities would create a need for a world entity to combat the menace. President Ronald Reagan had proposed this scenario to the U.N. and William Cooper also theorized that an agreed upon threat would guarantee a New world order.
In essence the powers of the world are using their machinery and occult rituals to build a better antichrist presence on the planet and insure that the people will follow the administration of the new order blindly and fully as they fear a demonic world.
The intelligence corps that has kept secrets regarding a possible demonic alien presence from us knows exactly when and how to implement the reality for their own proposes.
We may receive information telling us that the time barrier has been conquered and that the dimensions will reveal that there are more things in heaven and earth that can be dreamt of in any philosophy—or any dimension.
The future will be forged with new revelation, wonder and a war of what we should or should not be doing with our scientific leaps.

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