While the country is bracing for the financial global meltdown there were many things that were happening prior to the credit downgrade and the financial crashes that may have fallen on deaf ears. Well I hope to turn the volume up to 11 on this issue because what you are about to see is a new way of handling security and a new reboot to war and military activity right here in the homeland.
While the warnings of police state are dismissed by those who have not been in one, it is evident that what we are seeing transpire, from deadly force in the open market place, to riots and civil unrest are pretext to an organized surveillance state and a turn in the evolution of war and the weapons they use to restrain the populace and secure the peace.
Mark Faber, editor and publisher of the Boom, Doom and Gloom Report, told CNBC that what we are witnessing is the rush to crisis aversion, a global reboot and the preparations for a new war.

This is no real surprise to Ground zero listeners who have been checking in to report troop movements and the transporting of Military ordinance to various areas of the country. It seems that most of what is being processed are tanks, amphibious vehicles, personnel vehicles and cannons.
They are either being transported on Flatbed trucks or trains. It is also interesting to report that prior to this Military activity there was a UFO flap all over the country. Most of the UFO reports had been written off as meteors, Chinese lanterns, even fireworks—however Bill Birnes from UFO Hunters and UFO Magazine appeared on Ground Zero to announce that Military platforms were in the sky watching over us and recording our every movement.
While the thought of such platforms existing sounded like something out of some despotic science fiction novel, the UFO reports increased, military movements were evident and the United States was nearing its economic nadir.
While many listeners of Ground Zero were vigilant, others were refusing to accept anything other than the official announcement from their authorities that all of this activity meant anything.
It must be reiterated that the evolution of the war at hand is right in your face and if you are not paying attention you may find yourself in a world that is more foreign and hostile than you can imagine.
I have pointed out that it is important to understand that this atmosphere we have been forced in is similar to the 1930’s. Now we have history to see what happened to the population of Germany when their economy was shattered. The Nazis had used perceived terror threats turn the vast majority its citizens into paranoid informants where everyone was an agent. Wiretaps were common and the SS did everything in their power to create a surveillance state.
Now with new technology the surveillance state is a lot easier to implement and with propaganda the American people can rationalize the need for a Police state. Riots have been seen in Greece and now in London and it will just be a matter of time before rioting and unrest will be the norm in The United States.
That is why the troop movement in this country is understandable. That is why we are also seeing an increase of UFO activity. It has nothing to do with little gray men, but men in gray digital camouflage being trained as civil enforcers in case of civil unrest.
Black helicopters are being seen in Boston, and Philadelphia. A U2 Spy plane was also reportedly seen at the Portland International airport, and another Ground zero listener swore he saw it airborne.
Then there is the report out of Ohio of a surveillance “blimp” that was supposed to be aloft for 10 days over the area but unfortunately it crashed raising a lot of questions as to why this was done in the first place. There are many secret locations where a surveillance platform or blimp can be tested, why then was it in the skies over Ohio?
The Blimp is known as the Hale-D and has been the secret weapon for surveillance that is the product of Lockheed Martin. I had reported on the prototype 11 years ago in UFO magazine however there was no solid evidence of the craft and could have been the reason why many people were seeing “flying platforms” two stories high and the size of a football field.
According to the official report:
“The U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin launched the first-of-its kind High Altitude Long Endurance-Demonstrator this morning, demonstrating a number of key technologies critical to development of unmanned airships.
The aircraft successfully launched at 5:47 a.m. out of the Airdock in Akron, Ohio. The airship reached an altitude of approximately 32,000 feet, however, a technical anomaly prevented the airship from attaining its target altitude of 60,000 feet and the HALE-D team decided to terminate the flight.
The aircraft descended without incident at 8:26 a.m. in southwestern Pennsylvania to a predetermined landing location. Lockheed Martin is coordinating with state and local authorities to recover the airship. We have confirmed that no injuries or damage were experienced during this landing in a heavily wooded area.”
Do not be mistaken, this Blimp is the state of the art “eye in the sky” technology that we have all feared would be developed to spy on the American people. It literally is a low flying satellite that can stealthily be placed above a city and monitor all activity going on below.
It was a top secret aircraft that was supposed to “hover over the tri-state area for 10 days”.
What makes the craft top secret is that it uses a special technology that uses solar cell batteries. These batteries are company secrets and it was reported in a news story that the police were called in to protect the airship from anyone who wanted to get their hands on the cell battery technologies,
Many believe that these technologies will create a new way of fighting wars, crucial to the evolution of weaponry and surveillance technologies.
EESTOR is a secretive Texas Startup company that may have provided the ultra secretive batteries that will power up these surveillance platforms. It will also be the technology that will allow the Pentagon to live its dream of High power ultra death ray cannons and killer flying robot drones that can deliver biological aerosols over major targets.
Last April there was a published article that spelled out the new technology that awaits us as we prepare for future global war. In the third world war there would be more surveillance, more sophisticated drone technology and robots that takes “the rise of the machines” to the extreme.
According to Brookings scholar Peter Singer and his report to the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania the U.S. forces that stormed into Iraq in 2003 had no robots on the ground.
There were none in Afghanistan either. Now those two wars are fought with the help of an estimated 12,000 ground-based robots and 7,000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the technical term for drone, or robotic aircraft.
The first armed robot was deployed in Iraq in 2007 and it is as lethal as its acronym is long: Special Weapons Observation Remote Reconnaissance Direct Action System (SWORDS). Its mounted M249 machinegun can hit a target more than 3,000 feet away with pin-point precision.
From the air, the best-known UAV, the Predator, has killed dozens of insurgent leaders – as well as scores of civilians whose death has prompted protests both from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Predators are flown by operators sitting in front of television monitors in cubicles at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, 8,000 miles from Afghanistan and Taliban sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan. The cubicle pilots in Nevada run no physical risks whatsoever—to them it is akin to shooting in a video arcade.
It just goes to show you how easy it was for Barack Obama to give the green light to a string of Predator strikes into Pakistan.
How easy would it be to order a HALE-D surveillance blimp over and area to spy on people here in the United States? How easy would it be for the blimp to disperse aerosol biological weapons on any city without detection?
There was a rush to the website “Media Matters” recently over a rage that happened on the Alex Jones show where he unloaded on a caller about programmed robots ready to spray Ebola on the populace. There were many people who were worried that Alex had completely lost his mind when he made his “off the wall” rant.
“Hey, hey, here’s the deal,” Jones told a caller. “We’re just approaching the event horizon, the orgy of mass murder and death.”
“They’ve got the helicopters loaded — the Sunshine Project got the documents — with the airborne Ebola to spray on us. I mean, they actually got the documents that they got helicopters with knockout gas and lethal weapons parked at bases everywhere to kill everybody in America.”
“They’ve got robot helicopters with airborne Ebola and nerve gas waiting in spray quadrants to kill everybody!” he screamed. “That’s who runs America. OK? Total psychopathic, 110-percent Mack daddy murderers!”
While Alex was written off as a crank for his statement, you cannot ignore the evolution of war and how there are now new gadgets and Military machines that can do their work virtually undetected and without the risks that used to exist.
Technology such as this if found in the wrong hands can and will do irreparable damage. The frightening part is the idea that the tech can program itself for war and turn on human programmers. These technological terrors can and will fall to asymmetric warfare.
There is no need to have all of these machines for war. There is no need for war, and now we may be seeing where our budgets are going and how the surplus will feed the mechanized death machines ready to wipe us off the face of the earth.
It has always been the science fiction fear that machines would fight our wars. Human emotions crack under the pressure of wiping out millions at the push of a button—a machine doesn’t have the choice – but to follow orders and shoot to kill.

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