To all listeners of Ground Zero and KUFO FM.

To all listeners of Ground Zero and KUFO FM

It is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to an old staple to our Portland lifestyle
KUFO FM 101.1 I have been doing radio now for over 25 years and radio format
changes leave us all feeling awkward and in some cases angry. We all start throwing
blame around and we hate radio companies for doing what they do. The bottom line is
that with any business money has to be made in order to maintain transmitters, facilities
and paychecks. If ratings begin to fall or if advertisers pull their money because no one
visits the business men have no choice but to adapt, make adjustments and if none of
those things work they have to make changes.

It is also awkward because when we listen to a radio station like KUFO we make a
human to human connection with the jocks. We laugh at Kidd Chris or Marconi, we
wonder about the mysterious voice of Ricker and wonder what was a mother thinking
when she named her son Ditch?

KUFO had Howard in the Morning when I first moved to Portland. They had Cort and
Fatboy and an old colleague, Rick Emerson had a show there too.

I am proud to say that I got a chance to pilot the airwaves on KUFO. Imagine a show
like Ground Zero that talks about UFO’s on a station called KUFO. What are the
chances of that? Many times people thought I was joking when I told them that I was
on KUFO. What is sad now is that I can’t say that anymore. But what is interesting and
coincidental is how KXL is now simulcasting on FM 101.1

I have now gone full circle. The first radio station in Portland to have Ground Zero when
it first was syndicated nationally was KXL 750 AM. Now KXL has replaced KUFO.

Things seem to be coming together in a very synchronistic way. That is why I don’t want
you to lose hope. Ground Zero has been around since 1995 and it continues to grow
and we are always there to give you shows that fascinate and entertain you. We can
scare you, make you laugh, anger you or even inspire you.

I do want to tell something though. You should never take for granted that those things
you love will always be around. We have lost KUFO and people are angry because they
want their station back. While I can empathize with you all and understand your anger I
want to stress that if you want things to stay there needs to be support from the people.

Ground Zero wants to remain on the air in some way. It takes money and work to do
it. We have been working out of pocket in the last year and a half. Ground Zero needs
your support. Money is one way of supporting the show. There are donation buttons on
the front page and at the podcast page. Other ways are spreading the word in blocks
on Facebook and twitter. Campaign now to keep Ground zero on the air! Do it in your
schools and in the work place. Write letters to newspapers and to the companies that
provide radio broadcasts. Write Alpha broadcasting and let them know that you would
listen to a nightly broadcast of Ground Zero.

Let them know how much you like Ground zero, People say “I am low on cash sure wish
I could help” and I want you to know that you can help. If you don’t have cash please
write a letter. It’s not what you can’t do; it is what you can do. Make a poster hang it
from a bridge. Be active. Come by and have coffee on Saturday at the Ross Island
Grocery —Go out of your way to show support. Get out of your comfort zone– if you
believe in Ground Zero. Let me know that you are out there and that you support the
show. Because it is time now to get serious about the future. Where are you going to
go to get the information that is vital for what you need to know?

Ground Zero will stay fighting as long as we know you are fighting with us.

We will miss KUFO but don’t let that stop you from supporting Ground Zero. We have
only just begun.


E-mail comments about Ground Zero to [email protected]

You can also call 503 517 5950 to leave comments as well.


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