Tonight's Guest (5/5/11) – Mike Lynch

Tonight’s Guest (5/5/11) – Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch

Mike been a private detective since 1996 and have investigated a lot of different things, including John Titor which was a very interesting case as you might already know. Mike started his investigation firm with the basic investigations such as divorce and child custody, but has also investigated everything from haunted houses to shadow people, which are very common. He is a single Father of 2 boys, ages 9 and 12 and was born in Jersey City, NJ moving to Florida in 1976 with his family. Prior to becoming a private detective Mike worked for the City of Tampa for 11 years, and also trained loss prevention personal at different retail stores. Mike’s agency offers a wide range of investigative needs, but he specializes in finding the truth for people that have no place else to turn and have limited options. Mike’s agency comes highly recommended by his many clients over the last 15 years.
For more information about Mike’s private investigation firm Blue Eagle Investigations please call 813-242-2600 or you can visit them on the web at

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