There seems to be this trend in astronomy circles to report the discovery of alien planets. Many of these so called planets are always being reported in the news and the mainstream news always seems to find itself just left of center from Drakes’ equation.
Many decades ago a scientist named Frank Drake turned a radio telescope on a nearby star and listened for a message hoping for an alien civilization. This of course was the beginning—the search for extra terrestrial intelligence began and since that time mainstream science has been very quiet on the matter. However lately amateur astronomers have been able to produce remarkable evidence to show that there is something out there and yet the controlled information about space delivers no confirmation, not even recognition.

We seem to be living in times where on one day we see anomalies in space, are told that they can be seen by the naked eye, and then they are inexplicably absent in the minds of mainstream science.
Dr. Frank Drake’s findings were meant to spark curiosity in the cosmos – now that curiosity is still there but more research seems to be called off and controlled by NASA.
Drake suggested that odds are in favor of a large number of extraterrestrial civilizations in space, but that the lack of evidence of such civilizations suggests that technological civilizations tend to disappear rather quickly. This theory often stimulates an interest in identifying and publicizing ways in which humanity could destroy itself, and then counters with hopes of avoiding such destruction and eventually becoming a space-faring species.
I received a number of e-mails telling me that NASA made an announcement about a Planet that lives in the habitable zone some 600 light years from earth.
Nasa, operates the Kepler satellite. Its sole purpose is to keep its telescope fixed on 150,000 distant stars, watching continuously for evidence that these stars have their own orbiting planets.
Although the satellite has discovered more than 2,300 planet candidates, the newcomer, named Kepler-22b, is the first confirmed to be close to Earth size, orbiting a star like our own sun and lying in the “habitable zone”.
Being in the zone in a planetary sense means it is far enough away from its sun to avoid desiccation, yet close enough to avoid being frozen solid. This increases the possibility that the planet could have liquid water on its surface, making it something of a home from home for Earthlings.
I spoke on the issue of controlled news about habitable planets and the ineffectiveness of the announcements because of the fact that our technology by no means could get close to these planets and that NASA seems to have the right to speculate, while anyone who detects something anomalous that is closer to earth. is always brought up for ridicule.
No sooner did I chastise NASA for their inconsistency on my show; the next morning I received a number of e-mails about a discovery near Mercury that confirmed my speculations in past shows about an anomalous object that was ending a signal to earth.
The object appears from nowhere in a sequence of images of a coronal ejection from the Sun, taken by a NASA telescope. As the flare races past Mercury, a huge object appears next to it. The object looks very much like a space station. The only problem is that as usual NASA explains that there is no UFO only a blurring of an Image that they claim is a shadow of the planet Mercury from the previous day.
NASA insists that the object is merely a result of the way the images are processed. NASA again insists that there is no alien race hiding away in our solar system, this after they went to great pains to explain to us the reality of a planet 600 light years from earth.
The mysterious anomaly detected by the STEREO satellite is hovering near mercury, looks like a Space station and seems to have the same characteristics as a mysterious probe that was detected in space in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
In 1957, an unknown satellite was detected shadowing the Sputnik I craft. It was in a polar orbit, something that neither the Americans nor Soviets were capable of at the time. There was a statement that ham radio operators picked up radio transmissions that were “decoded” as being a star map that indicated the craft originated from Epsilon Bootes 13,000 years before. This object was dubbed “The Black Knight.”
I was interested in trying to reveal the so called space anomaly to my listeners and gave them the opportunity to listen to a transmission that allegedly was coming from a strange space anomaly and listen to one of the scientists involved with the contact of the Epsilon Bootes probe, Duncan Lunan.
Lunan spoke with is from his home in Scotland on 11-9-11and told us that according to reports that the Space Telescopes at Arecibo Puerto Rico were on alert. While Asteroid YU55 was passing overhead the radio telescopes were prepared for a communication attempt with an unknown force that was in our solar system. Lunan of course shot to some fame when he claimed to have deciphered radio communications dating back to 1927. These transmissions were coming from space probes in our Solar system. Probes that were not a product of NASA or any other country. It was believed that the probes have been carefully places in our Solar system, Once again it conjured visions of the Black Knight probe an its mysterious transmissions and origins.
However Lunan insisted that he no longer believed in his findings and as he was explaining that there were gravitic waves and transmissions coming from mars underground and near the planet mercury, the transmission from the international link to the show failed to record the segment. So the podcast was incomplete and the record of his appearance and statements was only a partial record and there was no way to confirm his position through recorded archive.
Meanwhile weeks had passed and there were some very interesting activities going on in space.
ROSCOSMOS the Russian Space agency reported that they were unable to establish contact with an unmanned probe. The Phobos-Grunt probe was stalled in a dangerously low orbit, creating a drag that could eventually send it crashing back to Earth. There are some conspiracy blogs that are saying that the probe came in contact with the mysterious Black night probe.
Russian probes have run into problems with UFO’s in the past, in 1989 two probes sent to monitor Phobos and Demos were knocked out of the Martian atmosphere by what appeared to be a 40 foot long UFO.
This of course is the third in a series of probes and satellites namely UARS and ROSAT that fell to earth during the time that we were in the midst of a strange UFO flap. The entire west coast was reporting UFO’s and that Comet ELENIN was breaking up near the sun. There was also doomsday reports of YU55 coming close to the earth. There seems to be a number of circumstantial reports that indicate that the idea of alien threat will not go away.
It seems that there is more to come.

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