When I woke up this morning I was reading about how something slowed the re-entry of the UARS satellite and the first thing I thought was that the slowdown would somehow put the Northwest in the way of the debris field. I scrambled all day to find answers as to what the people of Portland could expect from this rogue satellite.
In the article “Satellite Snooker” I reported that NASA was not telling us that this satellite could go off of its trajectory and somehow push debris in from the detritusphere.
Another thing that seems to have slipped past the Mainstream media is that this satellite was built at a time where the rules weren’t as strict on the manufacture of such satellites.
The $740 million UARS was launched in 1991 from space shuttle Discovery to study the atmosphere and the ozone layer. At the time, the rules weren’t as firm for safe satellite disposal; now a spacecraft must be built to burn up upon re-entry or have a motor to propel it into a much higher, long-term orbit.
NASA shut UARS down in 2005 after lowering its orbit to hurry its end. A potential satellite-retrieval mission was ruled out following the 2003 shuttle Columbia disaster, and NASA did not want the satellite hanging around orbit posing a debris hazard. The satellite has been stubborn and its trajectory hard to pinpoint.
Now as we draw closer to its re-entry it seems a bit synchronistic that the UARS is planning on making its final descent over the state of Oregon and moving towards the North Coast the area where I have been doing my UFO investigations for a show I am performing on Sunday The 25th.
From all points and news centers I was informed this afternoon that I would be hosting the show that will welcome the arrival of the fireball. The latest information shows UARS will pass over Portland at 9:17 pm tonight, moving from WSW to NE with maximum altitude of 60 Degrees NNW. The brightness will be about -1.2 magnitude which will be fairly easy to see. It will appear as a bright ‘star’ lasting for about 3 minutes. The time is subject to change by Heavens Above and NASA. Still no firm prediction when UARS will fall.
TUNE IN TONIGHT on 101.FM KXL for full coverage on Ground Zero with comments from Olav Phillips and Jesse Randolph. Jim Ferretti will be covering the action from OHSU on top of the Ariel Tram that looks over the City of Portland.

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