As I was reading the headlines of the day I was very surprised to see at least two stories that are just waiting to be picked up and talkd about in the mainstream narrative. The stories were of course UFO stories however these stories seemed a bit more intriguing than those who say they have seen on and were awestruck. These stories seemed to be reported with care and with a bit of a credible twist to them.

Most UFO stories when they make the leap from the margins with terminal velocity into the headlines are often debunked o commented on by skeptics who are paid to say anything to convince you that what is being seen is something that can be explained away as swamp gas or weather balloons. Today I was very pleased to see that the two UFO stories that I was seing were baffling and were delivered with an honest inquiry as to what they are, not speculations as to who or what may be piloting them, and what strange story can be told that will destroy any and all credibility of the story.
Kevin Williams a journalist from California documented some remarkable activity over Fresno California. He was shooting video of the Moon in the sky in Broad daylight just after the super moon when he saw two strange objects in the sky. In the clear blue sky the two objects hovered and then began to flicker brightly. They lit up far brighter than the sun in the sky and the footage was remarkable as you can actually feel the tension brought on by wondering what was in the sky.
It was obvious that what he shot was no moon but some strange flying anomaly that as of this writing in unexplained.
Meanwhile over Denver Colorado an a Private Jet pilot reported had a close shave with what was being reported to be a Mysterious object. It was not reported as a UFO however the craft was unidentified and did not show up on radar. The local news reported that it could have been one of three things, a surveillance drone, a rather large remote control plane or an even larger bird.
There is still speculation on what really went on and now they are warning pilots to be vigilant and look for an unidentified object in Denver’s Airspace.
In our modern religions and philosophies there seems to be no passage of scripture set aside or verse annotated that addresses the various other worlds within our world that sustain life.
Cynical science will tell us that there are no other worlds outside this one yet from our vantage point we see worlds or kingdoms that exist in infinite numbers, from animals, to insects, bacteria and single celled organisms.
With this thought in your head understand that worlds without number exist in various forms on this planet and with that fact blaring at you, it can’t be too far of a stretch to consider the world beyond this one.
However it is becoming increasingly difficult to get information about that world, or to prove that the world even exists. Until then, it will always remain as the world that the poets, dreamers and philosophers have written about.
When we come close to proving that this world exists, there are those who wish to silence it, discredit it, devalue it, use it as a weapon, and debunk it.
In frustration I wrote a parable about the world inside a refrigerator and applied it metaphorically to our own existence and whether or not there is a world beyond this one. In a strange way it explains the plight of the experiencers and how each of their stories are unique yet they explain the very same phenomenon.
A Mold on a piece of cheese was in a refrigerator overhearing the conversation between the other foods and was getting quite annoyed.
” I am so sick and tired of hearing these stories about the bright light and how all of you claim that you are being taken away and having horrible things done to you!” he groaned.
“I have seen nothing that proves that when the light comes on we go anywhere. I have been sitting here for the longest time and I haven’t moved at all.”
The green onion upon hearing the mold’s irritating babble muttered
“I know that when I see the light something strange happens, I heard a rumor that sometimes little green onions like me are taken out of our cool little home and are placed on huge tables and are diced into little pieces.”
The milk bottle nodded and said,
“Oh yes I know what you mean, I see the bright light flash and then something takes out my liquids and then puts me back, I’ve had friends who have been drained completely and then they are thrown out into a huge holding area that crushes them eventually.”
The moldy cheese scolded the milk bottle by saying,
“You sit in the dark, like all of us and you wouldn’t be able to tell if you have sprung a leak? Milk Bottles like you spring leaks all the time, I believe that you are defective and that you are imagining things!”
Suddenly there was a burst of bright light and after the blindness subsided the moldy cheese noticed that a couple of Eggs had left.
The Mold on the Cheese began to wonder if he was being tricked and asked
“Are you trying to pull a fast one? Where are the other eggs, where did they go?”
The other eggs looked at each other and one spoke,
“They have been taken and they have been broken! A creature with large hands broke three and began to beat them! I then heard them sizzle in a horrible way and then we saw the bright light and ended up here.”
The mold then said
“You see? You see? None of you can get your stories straight, The green onion claims that his buddies were diced after the light came on, The Milk bottle says that he is drained of his contents when the light comes on, and now the eggs are beaten and broken. Why do these things always happen to you when nothing is happening to me?”
The Milk bottle then said “It happens to everyone sooner or later, something we can’t explain shakes us up and makes us wonder if we are alone, every experience is unique to you and everyone interprets it differently.”
The Mold then said “Well that’s fine for you, but I haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary. There is nothing to show me that there is anything special here.
In unison the milk bottle, the green onion, and the eggs exclaimed
“What about the light in the sky?”
The mold quickly answered,
“The light appears all the time, I have been here the longest and as far as I can remember it has appeared and disappeared, it just happens, there is nothing causing it to happen it just is. The light and the cheese is all I know, and that is all I believe in and there is no leaky milk bottle, paranoid onion, or persecuted egg that will convince me otherwise!”
The Milk bottle, the green onion, and the eggs gave up in frustration. To the mold the cheese was the universe and no one could tell him that there was anything beyond it.
There are so many worlds within and without our own world that it can only stand to reason that perhaps we, like the mold in the parable are only seeing the cheese and not what is beyond it.
Do you think that the worms that eat a rotting corpse buried in the ground even fathom that above them is yet another world with other life? To the worms the corpse is the cosmos.
With this in mind how can we be so sure about what exists in our world? Do you base all knowledge on what can be seen with telescopes and microscopes? Do you look at history as fact even though it is nothing more that what a few people have agreed upon?
Do you agree with science even though its spectrum is limited and that perhaps it is nothing more than an organized system of ego and ignorance? Are you easily swayed by a television show, or radio talk show dealing with subjects so vague that anyone can put their interpretation to work to get you to act?
Much like Charles Fort I believe that this world is similar to a pantry or a refrigerator. A planet sized cupboard stocked with humans. Where every once in a while we are taken, and replaced, or taken forever to be put to use elsewhere.
As humans we are often guided by our own prejudice. What we see is what we know. Our brains fill in the blanks with the philosophies that we have been indoctrinated with.
Have you ever wondered why no one can agree on what is paranormal and what isn’t? Why it is that one person may laugh at you because of what you think you see or experience? Maybe it’s because of terminology. Maybe its because your explanation makes them uncomfortable. They laugh at the thought of extraterrestrial visitations and yet pray to a God that lives in the sky and fear a devil that makes his home below the earth.
Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a conflict over who is telling the truth and who isn’t? Why you believe in what you believe?
A lot of it has to do with the messenger. Does he or she have the charisma necessary to convince you that what he or she is saying is true?
Do they have money to buy that information? Do they have the resources to create a fraudulent situation? Do they willingly submit disinformation to fool you?
In the fast paced society such as ours propaganda is being taken in and absorbed as news.
Some may think advertising is the only propaganda out there, however one needs to be aware that it takes money and psychological know how to get you to feel a certain way and to create us and them borders. Product X versus Product Y and so on.
It also can be used to thwart the truth from getting out.
Bad public relations sabotage is being used every day to circumvent the processes available to get you the true story because of lazy reporters who use public relations press releases as hot tips for news and information.
The use of smear campaigning is the oldest trick in the book to get you to disregard an opinion or a revelation that may or may not be a popular one.
This type of PR smearing has become a common tactic in the UFO/paranormal investigative process. People in the field are beginning to take things personally when they see that their battle for your mind is losing its hold.
The mind is meant to explore many things and to entertain many ideas. It is also meant to file away all kinds of information from different sources, even ones that have been deemed unpopular by secret PR firms and companies who feel that they have a monopoly on what you should know or who you should receive your facts from regarding certain areas of study.
Once you see this public relations sabotage for what it is, it becomes less effective. However the unfortunate thing is that many people have allowed themselves to be fooled by those who are meant to be public trustees but are truly diabolical in getting you to hate or discredit someone.
Many armchair skeptics, and believers in UFO’s and the Paranormal have taken for granted that certain sources of information, and certain messengers of that information are credible and trustworthy.
The ignorant forget that their leaders and preachers are human and that they do make mistakes. Many take for granted that people in power would not willingly taint a story in any way. But yet they do.
Some erroneously believe that their leaders opinions are not veiled with hidden agendas, whether it be for their own gain, or the gains of others in higher realms of deceit.
Some have avoided listening to the independent researcher, and have chosen the enticements of a “well oiled” UFO boys club that has somehow lifted themselves to a place of hierarchical stewardship the likes of which reeks of megalomania.

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