Skeptics used to always say that with so many cell phones and digital cameras around there would be more UFO “proof” or more documented sightings. Now times have changed and we see more and more so called legitimate sightings recorded on cell phones and digital cameras. There are plenty of people who are now realizing that they can also fake the images with computer software. The unfortunate thing now is that even the skeptics can fake UFO sightings, convince people that they are real and then turn around and reveal how they fooled everyone.
Then they use their fakery as proof that there are no real unidentified flying objects. There are also individuals who are paid to spread disinformation about the subject to cover up secret operations dealing with exotic or secret aircraft. These aircraft are not known to the general public, and they appear to be paranormal.

The UFO is still one big secret and it is being exploited as both real and fake to confuse the public and get them to not be so bold as to reveal what they are seeing or even recording.
Ufology has now become a complicated soap opera of tall tales in short order and short tempers for those who want serious disclosure. There are professional skeptics in bed with the government, some UFO researchers in bed with them as well. The government is also in bed with the Military industrial complex which is allegedly in bed with aliens and it is all there to obfuscate and confuse people into writing it off as some undercover tabloid ruse.
That is why it is with great trepidation that I report that another UFO case has emerged on You Tube and this time it looks like a fleet of strange flying vehicles were seen near Bloomingdale, Illinois and Riverside, California.
These new cases are showing a pattern since the news broke of a UFO over Jerusalem and Utah dropping off a glowing cargo and then flying off into the darkness. After viewing all of the footage from Utah and now from the newest sightings, I am wondering if all of these sightings can be dismissed.
I am not saying that we are witnessing an invasion, what I am hoping to generate is conversation about a possible secret space program that is about to be implemented for a coming war or even to protect earth from some sort of attack or anomaly from space. The sun has been acting up lately, sun storms have affected communications in China and there seems to be no warnings in the mainstream media or any explanations from NASA about what may be happening.
All things seem to be some undercover secret and most of the footage and claims of UFO’s are causing skeptics to feel a bit agitated because it throws them out of their comfort zone. We need answers and not ridicule for questioning those who believe in limited physics and NASA seems to never give straight answers about anomalies that we see in the sky.
NASA is a military installation claiming to be civilian. The billions of dollars going
to “philanthropic space programs” are mostly funneling into the military industrial
complex. Sure there are missions to send probes out in space. But the real reason for
NASA is to research the idea of using space as the new battlefield. The dreams get the
good press but the nightmares are performed in secret.
You may not believe in Aliens, but it is evident that space agencies around the world
do and that the United States Military, NASA and other black ops organizations have
sensitive information that they have kept from the American people regarding strange
anomalous activities in space. It is getting to the point where NASA is no longer
capable of keeping everything “top secret.” Some things cannot easily be explained by
NASA is finding it harder to hide the truth about an “alien” presence on earth and in the
solar system. They are also finding it harder to hide the fact that the solar system is
going through some abrupt changes.
The subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrials were all over the Democratic debates.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was grilled about his beliefs about UFO’s
after questions were raised about life on other planets to the presidential hopefuls.
Richardson brought up Roswell, and proceeded to say that the government has never
really handled the UFO subject very well. Other candidates like Dennis Kucinich were
forced to answer questions about their sightings.
There were questions thrown at Senator John McCain about the Phoenix Lights and
while he was campaigning through New Hampshire Rudy Giuliani was asked by a
young boy at a press conference “If we find there is something living on another planet,
and it is bad, and it comes over here, what would you do?”
Giuliani laughed it off, and then seriously answered that if we are prepared for things
like terrorists attacks we will be prepared for anything alien as well.
Well, that was 2007 and since that time there have been secret payloads being sent
into space, an Increase of UFO Sightings, even more documented with cell phones
and photos. There were reports of missiles being fired from undisclosed locations,
strange lights in the sky, wormholes opening up, and unbelievable activities on the sun
and in deep space. These activities have had many people wondering if an invasion
is happening or if a space war has truly begun. If we are to believe the various
intelligence leaks we can approximate an educated guess as to what is really going
on up in space and a lot of it is to shake up Americans into what President Obama
termed “the sputnik moment.”
During the time of the 1957 launch of Sputnik there was a lot of paranoia in United
States about Russian space superiority. There was also a great deal of fear regarding
the sightings of what the media called Flying saucers. Ever since the flying saucer
scares of 1942 and the so called Battle of L.A., the UFO’s witnessed by Kenneth Arnold
and the Roswell crash people were questioning if our skies were safe.
The US Air Force in co-operation with ex-Nazi scientists developed a top-secret plan
to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon as a display of military might during the Cold
War . The project was called A-119. The explosion was to be conducted on the Far
side of the Moon. The bomb was planned to be detonated on the edge of the Moon, the
mushroom cloud would be illuminated by the Sun. The bomb was supposed to be at
least as large as the one used on Hiroshima at the end of World War II.
The main aim of the proposed detonation was a PR exercise and a show of one-
upmanship to the Soviet Union. The Air Force wanted a mushroom cloud so large it
would be visible on Earth. The US was lagging behind in the space race and they were
convinced that dropping an atomic bomb on the Moon would send a message of Military
might to the Communists.
No one really knows why the project was scrapped; however, it paved the way for a
program to be devised called Project Thor, another secret proposal that would turn
space into a militarized battle ground.
Project Thor was named after the hammer-wielding Norse god who could rain metal
death down as he pleased. Project Thor is basically summed up as ‘an orbiting
tungsten telephone pole with small fins and a computer in the back for guidance. Once
given the launch command, a satellite would drop the ‘pole,’ which would then speed
up until going at orbital velocity, around 10 miles a second. At this speed, when it hit
a ground based target, it would have the explosive equivalent of a small-yield nuclear
weapon, and would also have great penetrating power because of its long, thin profile.
This program was the first example of what we now call “kinetic bombardment,” using
dense objects travelling at very high speeds to eliminate targets without the need of
explosives, no need for nuclear bombs. The force would be similar on a smaller scale
to that of a comet or meteor impact on the planet.
Another program along the same lines was initiated in the early 80’s, and was called
either officially or unofficially, ‘Rods from God’. The system worked on the same
principles as the Thor program, but was obviously a lot more accurate, and could
be likened to an Earth-penetrating nuclear weapon, like the Robust Nuclear Earth
Penetrator. The rods, 1 foot thick and 20 feet long, would be able to hit almost any
target on the Earth’s surface, with a minimum time from when the order was given to
when the projectile struck of about 15 minutes.
This method of dropping kinetic weapons from satellites was referred to as “The Rods
from God.” Comprised of tandem satellites, one serving as a communications platform,
the other carrying an indeterminate number of tungsten rods, each up to 20 feet in
length and 1 foot in diameter, they would drop in the same manner as the THOR
project, slamming through space and exploding underground.
It has been theorized that this program still exists and that high above us in space are
platforms that have these rods ready to drop on targets. While having Nuclear weapons
in space was considered a violation of various treaties, these weapons would not be in
violation because they are not nukes.
On the Ground Zero show entitled Project Blue beam: The rise and fall of the Neo-
skeptic, Bill Birnes from the History Channel TV show UFO HUNTERS appeared and
revealed that while shooting the pilot for this popular investigative show, the cast and
crew were called out to various secret bases. One of the bases was Dugway Proving
grounds of Utah and the other was Nellis Air force base in Nevada. While at Dugway
his crew had seen blue laser light being fired into the sky and watching what appeared
to be small spaceships gathering in the column of light. He also had said that while
shooting in the skies above the Nevada range he saw an off earth platform high above
Nellis Air force base.
This could account for some of the UFO’s that have been reported lately. Two of the
most dramatic are the UFO sightings over the Dome of the Rock in Israel and over Dugway in Utah.
These UFOs were seen dropping cargo from huge platforms with red lights.
Could it be that the UFO could have dropped something that resembled a Kinetic
projectile and appeared to be more like a space platform such as what was reported
when Hacker Gary McKinnon breached security on a so called “secure” NASA
computer network?
McKinnon happened to hack into a series of computers in the Pentagon, NASA, and
other sensitive military locations. McKinnon claimed he was seeking information on
UFOs and says he found files dealing with “non-terrestrial officers” and “fleet-to-fleet
transfers” involving ships not on any U.S. Navy registry.
This story makes us wonder if we are being told everything about what is going on
above us. The McKinnon story is just one of the many that provide circumstantial
evidence which points to the possibility that there are secret weapons and stations
above us in space. There are other interesting things to consider as well.
Back in 2008, President Bush had asked the Pentagon to come up with a plan to
destroy a dead satellite that was heading to Earth. Many observers said a “shoot-down”
was unnecessary because such objects falling to Earth typically burn up when re-
entering the atmosphere.
Unless they were carrying poles made of tungsten. Tungsten of all of the metals has
the highest melting point (3,422 °C) (6,192 °F), lowest vapor pressure, and the highest
tensile strength. Tungsten has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any
pure metal. That means tungsten rods don’t burn up speeding through the Earth’s
atmosphere to the intended Target. If the satellite were to carry kinetic weapons, there
would be a definite reason to shoot it down.
At the time, the shooting down of the satellite was “suspect” and the Military said that
they needed to eliminate the possibility of Hydrazine, a toxic chemical, dispersing over a
populated area. Many speculated that the reason why China and Russia were prompted
to monitor the situation was that the countries were concerned about the missile and
whether or not it was in reality a Pentagon weapons test.
In 2009 US Military policy was enacted to classify any and all space debris that fell to
earth. The question is why? It used to be that amateur astronomers would make money
off of collecting bolide meteors. Scientist were worried that any explosion in the sky,
any anomaly that produced an unfamiliar show in the sky becoming top secret would
start up unhealthy speculation about UFOS or space invasions.
With the economy plummeting it is no comfort to hear that NASA gets more than $17
billion each year in annual funding. That is 17 billion that is seldom questioned by tax
payers. That is billions of dollars going to a so called civilian space center and for what
purpose? A lot of believers would tell you that it is to seek out new life and to find
possible proof of life out in space. However, there have been numerous occasions
where anomalies have shown up in NASA photos that indicate the possibility of life
forms in space only to be dismissed by NASA scientists as optical illusions or flights of
We dump some 17 Billion dollars of tax payer money to the Space program you’d figure
we would be entitled to straight answers.
Even when NASA discovered methane was being produced on Mars, scientists around
the world concluded that methane could only be produced from life forms under the
planet’s soil. The first discovery of this was in 1976. Gilbert Levin was the scientist who
found that the Viking Missions produced evidence of life On Mars. NASA immediately
dismissed it. In 2009 it was reported that methane was being produced again and
was being detected. Europe declared that life existed on long ago. What do you think
NASA was doing when the world was getting ready to focus on Mars?
They were preparing the New Lunar Rover for the appearance at the Obama Inaugural
parade. Unfortunately it was a wasted amount of showmanship for a Manned Moon
program that would be excised for some other weird tests on the moon. One of
those tests was the LCROSS mission where two rockets were fired into the moon to
detect water. However it is more than likely the test was to watch the impact of kinetic
weaponry as one of the rockets was slammed into the lunar soil while the other filmed
the impact. The project was allegedly carried out in order to further the prospect of a
manned moon landing. However after the test, Obama cut funding for the proposed
Moon landing program.
So what was the real purpose of the LCROSS mission? Why the top secret
classification for things that drop from the sky? It seems that it all leads to some
space war or perhaps an alien presence that needs “off earth personnel” to fight it
off. That could be the reason why Gary McKinnon’s internet snooping for UFOs and
alleged discoveries of classified information of non-terrestrial affairs constituted a
threat to national security, and why the U.S. Department of Justice began extradition
This case has embarrassed NASA and the Military because it actually lifts the secrecy
on the militarization of space and the reality of Star wars technology and quite possibly
reversed alien technology.
The case of Gary McKinnon, while virtually sequestered by the mainstream media
confirms testimonies of many military and Ex- NASA employees with Top Secret
security clearances that claim that both the military and NASA have hidden,
destroyed, or altered information , videos or photos that contained images of UFOs or
extraterrestrial life forms.
There were press conferences held in the spirit of disclosure and the stories of
extraterrestrial craft shutting down our nuclear missile silos sent a temporary shock
through the mainstream narrative. But of course public memory gets buried and minds
change as fast as a Facebook status so it is important to point out that not only did the
military and people with security clearances spoke out, whistleblowers have emerged
revealing how corporate involvements have been achieved in keeping UFO activity
A recently deceased informant revealed how during the mid-1980s, he worked for six
months as an archivist for a large aerospace defense contractor based in California. It
was a temporary assignment with his employer at an obscure office building.
The archivist found many files dealing with flying saucers and extraterrestrial life. The
files contained: “Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and
material from crashed saucers.” When asked where the files came from he revealed
the “materials came from everywhere, CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD,
DOD, FBI, and government officials to name most.”
Ben Rich who is the former CEO of Lockheed Martin skunk works says that many
of the classified UFO and alien secrets have been moved from secret “X-files” in the
government and Military to corporate Aerospace companies and are protected under
corporate secrets laws. This way the secrets can now be protected from snoopy FOIA
requests and or hackers such as in the case of Gary McKinnon.
For example there are many people that believe that Area 51 is operated by the
Government. In actuality it is owned by EG&G a corporate entity. The EG&G Division
of the URS Corporation provides services to the U.S. federal government which include
maintaining and upgrading military aircraft, vehicles, and equipment and supporting
the design and development of new weapons systems. Their corporate secrets are
protected by law and in a lot of cases untouchable.
Ben Rich has said that there are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones
THEY build. He states that technicians and scientists learned from both crash retrievals
and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government has known and covered up any and
all information about extraterrestrial aircraft and until 1969 took an active hand in the
administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “Purge”, administration was
handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.
While alien stories are only part of the equation, the stories of little green men are also
used as a distraction from the secret “star wars” weapons systems that they have back
engineered from unknown technologies discovered as far back as the 1920’s. Hot on
the heels of the McKinnon case the truth is slowly coming out. It is both down to earth
and unearthly as well.
Julian Assange the Australian founder of Wikileaks was arrested after revealing that
through diplomatic cables he was ready to come forward about UFO’s and the reality of
space platforms.
It has been reported that the United States has been battling a secret UFO war near
Antarctica since 2004 and that many of the extraterrestrial craft had slipped through the
armed garrison and were seen in Mexico in May and June of 2004.
Former astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell recently confirmed an incident in 1997 where
the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was supplied the code names of
UFO related off earth projects, but was denied need-to-know access. This once again
confirms Gary McKinnon’s story of “off earth” or “non terrestrial” navy. So the reality of
a space navy could be the even bigger secret. How long have we had it and for what
purpose? Are there both extraterrestrial and human members of this navy? Is there a
secret extraterrestrial war happening above us?
According to the Book MILABS there has been recorded cases of abductions where
both Military and “reptilian” aliens have been present. Some UFO abductees have
reported that they have also been kidnapped by military intelligence personnel (MILAB)
and taken to hospitals and/or military facilities, some of which are described as being
underground and others out in space.
There have also been reports out of Iraq regarding the use of “star wars” or futuristic
weaponry. Many people have claimed that Laser weapons and “exotic aircraft” were
seen in the sky. This includes the sightings of UFO’s and space anomalies.
According to the book Between two Ages Americas role in the Technotronic Era, Barack
Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has stated that “Technology has been made
available to the leaders of the Major nations techniques for conducting secret warfare of which a
bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised.”
President Obama has decided to act quickly and decisively in instructing all
administration officials to take action to implement principles of Open Government and
Transparency. Many UFO and Alien enthusiasts believe that this might open up a new
chapter and reveal some secrets that have been kept from the public.
However it becomes an empty gesture when they have had several decades to move
UFO information into both the corporate and military files. These all fall under special
protection. Corporations are protected under certain laws and of course the Military
can always say that divulging any information could thwart the best interests of national
Even if the so called truth came out about possible clashes with real aliens, there are
people that are looking for, and expecting, the wrong answers, when the correct but far
less glorious, fulfilling, and even mundane answers may well be right under our noses.
The news will most assuredly not be what they are expecting because many have put
faith in their discoveries and made them spiritual and faith-based, sometimes bordering
on, or fully, a delusional response to the phenomenon.
When our government or the world governments bring forth information on Aliens or
UFO’s it will be on their terms. Any information will be permitted and most certainly will
not appease the majority of those that have put their time and money into theories of
known unknowns. This would cause a schism and would most certainly become the first
shot at developing a mix of science and religion for the ecumenical world order.
Believing there’s something else “out there” (where ever that may be) that is largely
unknown is one thing, but faith in specific attributes about that unknown thing, especially
relating to the typical cataclysmic model, is quite another. The cataclysmic model
worked for our ancestors and a possible doomsday on the horizon seems to be working
again for things like Global warming and the fear of Islam.
Religious eschatology dictates that a war in heaven will happen and there will be a fight
between Michael and his angels against the dragon and his reptilian minions. Of course
it is all metaphorical and the threat of a great war in heaven is not only apocalyptically
appealing but politically appealing as well.
There were scores of reports coming out of Egypt about UFO’s seen over Cairo and
the port city of Suez during the uprising against the Mubarak regime and the internet
weighed in on possible UFO activity over the Dome of the rock in Israel. However the
circumstantial reports and the United Nations review of the Cometa report did nothing to
sway skeptics from their belief that there is a hoax being perpetrated.
The Cometa report is a 90 page document released by French intelligence about the
UFO threat to the earth, the document claims that UFO’s appear prior to world crisis
and cataclysm. This has also been researched and it has also been pointed out in
various books on the subject, that appearances of space anomalies spawn religious
movements and wars.
It is no longer appropriate to pretend that the truth is out there when there are accounts
that indicate that the cosmos have very real threats whether they are gamma bursts,
sun storms or even military and alien space platforms gearing up for war.
The daily news is becoming a script for a science fiction movie. Reading about incoming
planets, exploding stars, and the return of Middle Eastern Gods directing riotous
behaviors screams of tabloid exploitation. Check your headlines. If you read the
mainstream narrative you can see that the controllers of the world are approximating
us towards an apocalyptic event. All the stories surrounding the distractions are the
undercover stories that when connected are either confirming that the world has gone
crazy or that there is something more frightening lurking in the shadows.
Everything we have feared is manifesting now and how we interpret these things will
determine what will eventually happen in a world that seems to be either in its suicidal
adolescence or the throes of the death rattle.

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