I have been speaking with a number of people lately who are completely bewildered about the world today. Many of them tell me that even though they have been fans of my shows for years they never really could imagine any of the topics I bring up becoming reality.
A long time ago it was fun to speculate, it was fun to predict that these things would happen, however now that they are happening it has become a bitter pill for many people to swallow.
I keep hearing that it all seems so unfair that these things are happening. I see in the twitters and on Facebook so much anger.
Unfortunately the anger is going in the wrong directions.
Today I saw in my yahoo account a very curious thing. It was a list of the most hated people in America and it comes as no surprise that Casey Anthony was Number 1. It astonished me that we are still hanging on to that hatred. That with all of the things going on in our country, with the thievery, the lies, the last minute credit slumps and the creation of a unconstitutional super congress, we still hate Casey Anthony.

In the news it was announced that child singer Rebecca Black had released a new Video that she had hoped would show the world that she was serious about a music career. Many people may not be aware that Rebecca’s mother had paid $4000 dollars to have her little girl star in a music video. A company that does vanity producing created a synth-pop song called “Friday” hooked the girl’s voice to an auto-tuner and allowed her nasal voice to sing one of pop music’s most annoying songs. The video was put on You Tube and overnight this girl was a pop sensation for all the wrong reasons.
She was besieged with hate mail, death threats, and hurtful messages praying that she would have an eating disorder and commit suicide. I couldn’t believe the derision upon this poor 14 year old girl. Needless to say it was voted the worst song ever, and she was called the worst singer ever.
Even though her song got 167 million views over night, was parodied by comedians, sang by Stephen Colbert, on late night with Jimmy Fallon, it was sang by Katy Perry as an encore during her tour and covered by the singers in the season finale of TV episode Glee.
When asked why they decided to cover what was called the most hated song in America the producers stated that it represented pop culture and this was pop culture even if it was hated by the masses. She eventually pulled the video. Now finding one online is hard.
Black released a new video called “My Moment” and I looked at the numeric count of views and I saw that she had already received over 22 million views. One rude post had said that perhaps it is time to petition Facebook to create a “hate” button rather than a dislike button for the video.
I actually put the video on my Facebook page and said “This makes me smile—you know why?”
My social network had said “because she is a big joke and it is an example of how bad music has gone today.”
That wasn’t the reason why I was smiling. I was smiling because regardless of how many death threats she gets, no matter how much hate mail she gets, no matter how bad people think she is—she doesn’t give up and there are a few people out there that still believe that an underdog can win.
That didn’t stop the hate – and I guess I was being optimistic, but I really didn’t understand why this 14 year old girl was the object of such scorn. I wondered if maybe it was because she is a clean cut girl, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t perform looking like a stripper and isn’t on camera smoking salvia.
Maybe she is a goody two shoes—maybe the United States has just become unhinged and doesn’t know what to hate, or get angry about and so they set out to attack an easy target. A young girl that is trying—there have been far worse – and yet there is a tsunami of hate – and it to me is frightening especially when the entire world is rioting and angry over the inability to eat, get fresh water and just survive.
The riots in England spread so fast that the so called chavs that have been causing the chaos cant even agree as to why they are rioting. The mob mentality becomes a driving force and it reaches auto pilot and soon it is like a forest fire.
Meantime those who are on the sidelines observing can pin the blame on who they see fit, develop more anger and find other places to display it until it becomes and active and volatile display.
People in the United States are unhinged. There are others that are internalizing the chaos and so – like a killer starts torturing and murdering animals, there are hate lists, flame wars, and hatred spread throughout social networks, demonstrated with criminal activity, flash mobs and assaults.
I received an email from a colleague who wanted me to watch a video featuring former MSNBC reporter Keith Olbermann. While I lost faith in Olbermann years ago, I was told that Keith had woke up, meaning that he was fully aware of what was happening and gave a rant that sounded like it belonged on either Alex Jones or Ground Zero. I watched the video and I thought that I was hearing a familiar refrain of one of my rants. It was a few nights ago when I echoed the views of the fictional “psychotic” news caster Howard Beale when
I said that there comes a time when we must say that our lives have value and we must fight for our dignity.
Olbermann stated that what we have to do comes from an old and almost Cliché motion picture that the wisdom comes “First you have got to get mad” I giggled when I heard him say those words.
I know that Olbermann had chided Glenn Beck for saying the same thing and now here he was without the holds of a corporate media gag ball saying that our anger needs to be focused on our government. That the Super congress in unconstitutional that the party system has failed.
It seemed that Olbermann was doing a lot of crow eating but it was fun to listen to. It liberating to hear a man that I once liked and then hated because I realized that he was a shill for the new empire. He now said exactly what I have said, exactly what Glenn Beck had said, exactly what Alex Jones has said.
I was in agreement with a lot of what he was preaching. However have enough people heard it and can they give up their unhinged and misplaced anger for those who deserve it?
It is becoming evident that when Glenn Beck said he left Fox while he still had his soul intact –Olbermann had found his after he left MSNBC. It proves that the mainstream media keeps truth or even the inconvenient truths out of the public domain. It takes media drop outs to deliver the message in hopes that Americans can see that their anger is pointed at the wrong people.
In our lives we have been programmed to believe that there are certain things that you do not question. Social engineering has coerced us into respecting and deifying politics, religion, and science. All three combined have created a Luciferian cult or religion that we blindly follow and respect. It has become an Apotheosis meaning a model of excellence or divine perfection almost to the point of Godhood.
We witnessed the media driven Apotheosis of Barack Obama where a man who was already quite enamored with himself was elevated to Godhood and messianic stature. Obama never discouraged this Apotheosis, he relished in it. He created an entire enterprise based on hope, change and messianic charisma.
During his campaign he was pitched as the deliverer, prophet, and pipeline to divine intervention. He had single handedly convinced an entire nation that he could make things better by reviving a dead economy, reverse draconian proposals from the previous administration, create a socialized health care system and win the peace in a war effort that was created on fraudulent exaggeration.
The election of Barack Obama fits very well in the Luciferian Apotheosis model that has been produced behind the scenes. It represented the nihilism, narcissism, utilitarianism and malignant selfishness that Americans have accepted as “business as usual” and now they will not part with their new found spiritual Pathocracy. Evil has been adjusted to not only fit the moment but to appease the purveyors of the New World Order.
We sit in the middle of all of the deceit and unless someone point it out to us we feel that we are not in the wrong. That has always been the job of the media and as you can see the media controls who we hate and who we are angry at.
The government is now immune to any hard questioning. It seems to be the job of the independent media to expose the corruption. However the mainstream tends to marginalize the unbridled news calling it conspiracy theory.
Now we know better and perhaps it will change the tide.
Now it must be evident to all those who are waking up that what is happening now in America is an extension of the nightmare proposals that were created just before the 9/11 attacks on America. Who would have known that Obama supported the Bush Doctrine a.k.a. the Project for the new American Century? Who knew that the doctrine would be used as a cudgel in the media to mesmerize and create a hate campaign against Muslims?
The conspiracy theorists all knew and they sounded the alarm even though they were hated and maligned. They kept going, kept pushing even under criticism.
A Nobel peace prize was given to Barack Obama doesn’t that even create the least bit of embarrassment? Does it generate a bit of anger? or are you still hating the Octomom for kicking out a litter or two?
The credibility of Politics is more suspect now than ever before. Many wonder why there are people out there that attempt to reveal cover-ups, and Conspiracies. Those who look under the rocks are told they are paranoid.
When someone questions Obama’s policies will we still have to go through the ignorant counter attacks of racism and that anything is better than Bush? Can we please realize how stupid it all sounds now that the country is teetering off the edge? Can we still be certain that those who are now yelling from the rafters that global warming is bogus are denialists and mentally flawed?
How can facts be lost on America? How can we still have the time and the care to make a hate list and the number one person is a woman that was acquitted of murder? How can we have enough room in our heads to become hinged over a 14 year old girl singing bubble gum pop music?
The Obama administration is cocksure that whatever they do the American people will remain complacent. It is assumed that they will accept and support policies that are for the betterment of those in power. The Mob rules in a culture of Apotheotic devotion. Because the Mob enforces what is called The plan for the Grand Design of God on earth, a global government rooted in a recognition of universal interdependence acting on behalf of “the faith.”
Well faith no longer holds as empty promises give way to cognitive dissonance. What is breeding now is a thought form. It is the internalizing of hate, anger and frustration. People are feeling it and some feel that they have to attack those who are defenseless.
I see the next war coming.

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