UNHOLY ALLIANCE The Demonic Attack of Alynn Pike

UNHOLY ALLIANCE: The Demonic Attack of Alynn Pike

On December 6th I remember being in the news room when I heard a dispatcher on the police radio say that there something peculiar happening on The Marquam Bridge. The bridge has an upper deck and lower deck and Interstate 5 is a main thoroughfare through the Portland metro area. The dispatcher was reporting that someone had parked their car on the lower level of the bridge blocking traffic. No one knew what was going on.

Then the dispatcher had reported that someone had got out of the car and walked to railing and jumped into the icy waters of the Willamette River. Drivers were certain that they saw a woman walk willingly to railing and without hesitation jumped. Some were saying it was as if her body disappeared and they weren’t sure if anyone had jumped.
According to the Associated press A Portland Fire and Rescue spokesman says several drivers reported that a woman parked her car on Interstate 5, then jumped off the city bridge into the River below. Spokesman Paul Corah says a sonar search failed to find a body.
Corah says 911 callers said the woman parked on the southbound freeway lanes about 5:10 p.m. and jumped over the railing of the Marquam Bridge’s lower deck. The Oregonian reported that the parked car blocked several lanes of traffic before police towed it away. A note was found but Corah didn’t know what it said.
Police spokesman Lt. Robert King said officers were trying to identify the woman, described as in her 50s. As of this writing her body still has not been found. After doing some research I found out that the missing woman and her story has a horrifying paranormal background to it.
I had no idea that this suicide would wind up becoming a paranormal story in my own back yard. It would wind up becoming one of the more terrifying stories I have read involving a professed man of God, Reverend Ted Pike who believes that perhaps he is a victim of a curse. That his wife Elizabeth Alynn Pike was the suicide victim and died as a result of their preaching against what he calls an unholy alliance between Christianity and Zionism. He sees her as a Martyr for truth.
Reverend Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. He is a 1971 graduate of Portland State University, with emphasis in art and philosophy. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, poet, sculptor, and painter. Pike’s sculptures are very impressive. And his wife served as a model for at least two, “The Family” and “Woman and Child.” They are very moving and obviously made with the spirit of creativity, love and fellowship.
Pike is a traditional Christian and is very outspoken regarding the ADL’s hate crime laws and hate crime laws made on behalf of the Homosexual community. He has been labeled intolerant and an Anti-Semite by the ADL. Since 1971 Reverend Pike has been speaking of what he calls an unholy alliance who the Christian church and Israel.. According to his writings he was studying Talmudic Judaism and its relationship with the Christian faith and set off to a cabin to begin writing his beliefs.
However his writing was crippled by what appeared to be night visitors and shadow entities coming to him at the cabin. He reports that at the time he had violent, racing nightmares. Over several months he claims that he experienced dozens of “visitations” by tangible dark entities in the night that would temporarily paralyze his body. This went on for 12 years. It physically exhausted him. He later wrote to two books that spoke of the threat of what he called Jewish supremacism.
His life was turning for the better and in 1984 he married his beautiful wife, a Christian Activist named Alynn Dunham. Unfortunately soon after their wedding, the woman he loved, a physically fit woman, able to hike and jog up to 10 miles a day, and play the piano, began to deteriorate physically. Even though she had weakened she still was able to gather the strength to continue her and her husband’s fight against the Anti Defamation league’s hate speech legislation and produced several videos on the subject.
In 2003 Alynn had a seizure while driving and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. After recovery from eight and a half hours of brain surgery, she showed dramatically worsened symptoms of attention deficit disorder, bipolarity and nervous frailty. It was after this that she began to see dark figures in the sky and swirling of the stars much like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Later Reverend Pike states that his wife was being attacked and possessed by demons. Alynn was being plagued by supernatural entities and many people were thinking that she was experiencing Hallucinations brought on by the brain surgery she sustained. However Reverend Pike states for the record that wile Alynn experienced some things he did not experience he began to notice things that he could not explain.
Reverend Pike shares on his Truth Tellers website:

“Soon, the demons began to communicate through her voice box, She spoke in unknown tongues daily. She said she could powerfully feel the demons in her throat and upper chest, as well as nonstop chatter from them in her brain. They constantly resisted her attempts to pray. Our house was filled with clicking sounds, streaking lights, whirring presences across the ceiling, and occasional sickening odors. I would be overcome with intense nausea for no reason. Alynn saw a galaxy of every kind of lights in nature, in the skies and in our house. She sometimes saw my eyes glowing green or purple. She was shocked by an eye staring at her from inside the sink drain. She said a menagerie of fantastic glowing creatures, like slugs and worms, swarmed around our night light in the darkness.
I once flashed an encouraging “V for victory” sign to her, and she then saw glowing V’s in the tracks of my footsteps, following me throughout the house. Going outside, she saw an enormous “V” in the sky. I frequently saw momentary, tiny, intense, red lights in the trees, fields, roadside and house. On one occasion she pointed out large grass-green squares like a lattice imposed on the evergreen forest and I saw exactly what she described. “

Reverend Pike goes on to say that demons who spoke through his wife named themselves. Through Alynn’s voice Pike learned that the demons possessing her were Pitcaw, E-yong, Shit, Contention, It-kid-eva, Oink. It became clear as the years went on that Pitcaw, who told Alynn he was her “private demon,” seemed to have been stationed in the pike home while most of the rest would leave.
Reverend Pike then claims that he rebuked the demons in the name of Jesus Christ and none of them went away. Often they would exclaim mockingly, “Oh, thank Jesus!” or “Jesus, save us!”
The demons were relentless in their attacks against the couple. The demons were able to take things and hide them in various locations. From food to vital medication sit was difficult for the Pike’s to keep up with all of the harassment from these demons.
The demons also would horribly disfigure Alynn’s face. She would break into blood curdling screams, Pike states that his wife also could howl, roar, and hiss.
Alynn would babble in tongues. She once spoke in gibberish and through the strange sounds came the words Baal Shem Tov and Shabbathai.
The word Shabbathai is Hebrew for Saturn. It is also the original root word for the call of the Hebrew Shatain—or Satan. What is troubling is that if she used this name she was literally using an hold Hebrew word for the limitation or cessation of life, As said many times the idea of Father Kronos wanting to eat the souls of his children. If we are to believe reverend
Pike’s story then his wife was possessed by several demons and they were being guided by a Saturnalian Influence.
Aleister Crowley the great “beast” and Black Magician wrote in “The book of Thoth” that Saturn is indeed Set, the Lord of the Egytian Deserts. According to Crowley Shabbathai when pronounced is the summoning of the adversary in an initiatory role.
The use of the name Baal Shem Tov is interesting since it is the name of an old Jewish mystic that some saw as a messiah and others saw him as a false messiah or Kabalistic sorcerer.
Pike claims that Alynn would not know about these occult names and summoning.
Alynn would also see UFO’s and scowling faces in the sky. She would see swirling vortices above her as well.
She also saw the appearance of a dragon above the Portland International airport. Alynn had been violently thrown around by the demons as well. She would also strip herself down and rage. There was a time when Ted placed her in a Psychiatric ward. She would them calm down and then all over again would become enraged, She was prescribed Geodon, an antipsychotic and the demon Pitcaw once told Ted through Alynn that they were able to neutralize the effects of the drug.
Geodon eventually became a black box drug that had some serious side effects in patients with Bi-polar disorder. Pfizer acknowledged a link between the drug and serious health problems. The drug has received many serious lawsuits because of he harm it causes patients who use it. Heart arrhythmias, Tardive Dyskinesia where the body goes into uncontrolled body movements; This would also include lip smacking, rapid eye blinking and wagging of the tongue.
In the last moments before her suicide, the demons would compel Alynn to eat enormous amounts of fat. She would consume large amounts of Butter and peanut butter. She would then stop eating and dropped to a weight of 135 pounds. Pitcaw later would scram out of Alynn KILL TED NOW! KILL TED! Or DIE DIE – the demons wanted Alynn to kill her husband.
She attempted suicide once and did not die. She tried to throw herself into the rapids of a nearby river. She was then placed in a psychiatric unit and after 12 days of suicide watch she showed signs of improvement. The doctor decided to release her she vowed never to try suicide again. On Monday December 6th, she made a phone call to Ted and to a friend. The phone call almost broke my heart. After reading the accounts of Ted – and hearing the voice of the woman tormented on a recording It was so difficult to fathom how Ted could have lived through it all.
There was one thing I noticed though that had me take notice.
As I listened to the recorded copy of the call and while Alynn sounded upbeat I could hear clicks on the recording. It has been my experience with paranormal events, that there seems to be clicks heard on recordings just before you hear an EVP or some other paranormal occurrence. I had the same incident happen when a young boy called my show on Halloween night asking if we could make contact with his dead uncle. There were clicks on the phone and then all of our computers shut down. We also started to hear voices on the line. The tragic thing is that the recording was the last words heard by ted of his wife.
She later jumped 130 feet from the Marquam Bridge into the cold Willamette River. Ted believes that Satan killed his wife. From what little evidence has been produced and from what I know of the occult and the paranormal. I would suggest that perhaps it was a demonic attack brought on by her weakened state after her brain tumor. We can’t rule out any mental illness, but the witness and testimony of her husband most certainly is something to consider. It needs to also be taken into consideration that this Reverend has taken a hard line against Zionism. How he has declared that there is an unholy alliance between Christianity and Isreal.
Can it be that the old promise made to Abraham is being honored in some demonic way? It was the passage in Genesis that spoke of a blessing upon the Hebrews and a curse to those who oppose them. Could this have happened to Reverend Pike?
Is this why America holds on to its support right or wrong of Israel?
This story is by far the most intriguing and frightening accounts of demonic possession I have ever read. Whatever its message may be, I am sure that Reverend Ted Pike will be persecuted further for his stance and his beliefs.

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