It seems that the bogey man that appears in my show every time we speak of the religious powers is of course Islam. The myth that “Islam is going to take over the world” has been a rallying cry among Christians for a long time now and there seems to be this overwhelming battle cry from the rightwing that this is the case.
There may be a grain of truth to the real fear of what Islam may do in the future but we do have to face facts. When you have a group of people who continue to multiply exponentially on the planet, and another religious set that do not populate the planet, the knee jerk reaction is either proselytize, find common ground or declare war on the feared bogeymen.

American Christians seem to be doing their fair share of both proselytizing and finding common ground and even in some cases willing to somehow meld both religions together.
If any Christian were to understand that perhaps there is an underlying agenda to bring together both religions, there would probably be a panic or even a schism and quite possibly a war within the churches as the world prepares for the new Commanders of the faith to take power and encourage the churches to focus their organizations into a one world faith.
The biggest reason for this move is the fear of a majority of Muslims in future demographics and proposed population growth of Islam. Europe has already reported that immigration has changed many of the cities there. Places like Brussels have a huge population of Muslim Immigrants and there are those who feel that in less than 12 years the Islamic population will double.
Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum writes in National Interest that Europe is faced with three choices, two of them very stark: peaceful integration of its Muslim population; a reversal of immigration policy, joined to a brutal campaign to expel Muslims; or an Islamic takeover of Europe. The warnings seem to be loud and clear; Historic Christianity, and the tradition of the Christian majority in Europe and The United States will cease to exist and we will have to face the fact that we can no longer remain at war with Muslim countries.
Sociologist Peter Berger has stated that the common ground that European Christianity has to find with Muslims and Islamic immigration should be termed “Eurosecularity.” However clever word salad may not work in the United States as many Americans demand that Muslims assimilate into the culture. The question is assimilating into what culture?
Lately we have seen the tensions over the idea of building a Mosque near Ground Zero, the burning of the Koran and the defiling of Afghani corpses on the nightly news. In the beginning of February the edition of Newsweek concluded that there is a war on Christianity and Rick Santorum has also stated that Satan is now attacking or has occupied the United States which surprisingly enough echoes the same statements that radical Islam has said about the United States for years.
The Newsweek article seems out of place especially when we have seen some blatant messages sent to Islam about what Americans think of their so called violent, culture, the “false religion” arguments, and the destruction of religious artifacts and the burning of the Koran.
We have also heard hardliner views by Newt Gingrich regarding President Obama’s so called handling of Islam and how we face the danger of becoming atheist and Muslim or even losing a U.S. City because Islam poses a threat to our lives. Newt Gingrich, has stated that defeating Obama at the November poll is a matter of urgent national security because he is the “most dangerous president in modern American history.”
Gingrich who is not afraid of speaking his mind when it comes to Muslim Intolerance said that we are facing the risk “someday in your lifetime of losing an American city,” that is, American cities are facing the threat of being wiped out in a terrorist attack because Obama’s administration refuses to acknowledge the reality of radical Islamists willing to harm the U.S. If you recall it was Gingrich who was behind the religious intolerance if Muslims in New York that wanted to build their mosque near Ground Zero.
He stated that American Muslims are not just potential terrorists, but like Nazis, arguing that building a mosque near Ground Zero “would be like putting a Nazi sign next to the Holocaust Museum. This is an American GOP candidate. He speaks like a Nazi as he points the finger at imaginary Nazis that don’t support his ignorance.
Gingrich needs a wakeup call. Muslims are coming and they are multiplying and either we wipe them out like Nazis did the Jews or we find a way to integrate and live in harmony.
He also needs to understand that when crimes are committed by Muslims it isn’t always because of the fact they are Muslim. Just because we see Muslims rioting or rallying in the streets does not mean the Muslims are prone to rioting. That is like saying that an American occupy rally that is predominantly Christian is doing it because they are Christians.
Gingrich and others are afraid of the future, a future where a majority of the world will be Muslim and historical Christianity will no longer have its hold on the world. What about you? Are you fearful of a world population that will be predominantly Muslim and not Christian?
Have we narrowed our choices of leadership to the metaphorical prophet, inquisitor and Nazi to dethrone a warmonger?
The propaganda continues to breed the war hatred as Newsweek declares that there is most definitely a war on Christians and urges a War Christ mentality. According to author Ayaan Hirsi Ali the scale and severity of Islamophobia “pales in comparison with the bloody Christophobia currently coursing through Muslim-majority nations from one end of the globe to the other. The conspiracy of silence surrounding this violent expression of religious intolerance has to stop. Nothing less than the fate of Christianity and ultimately of all religious minorities in the Islamic world is at stake.”
The article seems to postulate that this war against Christians is tantamount to genocide. To suggest that a Christian genocide is underway is a serious allegation. No one is denying that some Muslims kill Christians and hate crimes exist during war time. However saying that there is a genocide taking place is a bit much. I know that there can be arguments that rightfully claim that Christians and Jews are treated like second class citizens in Muslim countries however; discrimination against Christians does not make it genocide. Nor does acts of violence make a genocide argument stick. It only feeds the monster that Newt Gingrich wants to personify, a neo-Nazi/neo-con eccentric.
Is the definition of Nazi merely a person who hates Jews, gypsies and homosexuals? No a Nazi defined is a believer in the superiority of one nation or race, or creed. The way a Nazi survives is to maintain its dominance, national purity and instinct for self-preservation by any means necessary.
So are we now assuming that there is a war against Christianity, that there is a rising genocide in the works? Are we to assume that Barack Obama is allowing the Christian genocide to take place and that the final blow to America would be the destruction of an entire city, as Obama looks away? Are we waging wars with Islamic Countries because we know that there will be more of them in the future and less of us?
Are we that frightened?
If we are then I know exactly why they have set up the so called FEMA camps.

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