Reverend Ted Pike appeared on Ground Zero to speak about the literal demonic attacks on him and his wife Alynn. Alynn eventually jumped off of a very high bridge into a river. Her body was not recovered and Reverend Pike sees her as a martyr for truth and freedom. Pike speaks harshly of Israel and Zionism and also believes that his wife was literally killed by Satan with God’s permission.

Therefore, he believes that her suicide will not be seen by God as a sin but as a sign and symbolic move to lead people into understanding the true meaning of self sacrifice for the cause of religious truth. He continues to be visited by the demons that plagued his wife and seems as though this is all part of the greater good as Christians should prepare to go to war with demonic wickedness and demonic people in places of power.
Many of my listeners were now acquainted with very raw feelings about the war that Christians now face with Satan. Something that I sincerely believe is the modus operandi for all of the chaos in the world today.
I believe that the underlying programming of the dispensational dogma is now motivating a destructive view of the future and the so called love that is professed by most Christians is a cover for selecting the so called imperfect souls who do not believe or adhere to the frightening blueprint that has been sealed in the dusty pages of scripture. It is scripture that unfortunately is only heard about and changed into the apocalyptic X-files.
It is great theater for shows such as mine, it is interesting to observe from the comfortable confines of wherever you listen to my program, but the reality is quite unnerving and in my opinion very real.
It is above criticism, it is above denial, and it awaits us as the majority of the world believe that an end times will eventually come and yes there will be a war between those who see themselves as righteous and those who are deemed “the other” whether evil or demonic you cannot fight thousands of years of programming, repetition and sick anticipation for the final battle between a thundering God and an equally angry Satan.
After my interview with Reverend Ted Pike I walked away exhausted and once again confused about Christian conservative dogma. I have studied the bible in the past and seem to know enough of it to get by in a sporty bible bash with Evangelicals, but I always ask myself how is it that most Christians in the United States can justify their Lord and savior as a tool for murder in the so called last days.
Like it or not, the idea of the messianic return includes the mass murder of the wicked by the one who has been called the prince of peace. Using the war game plan from the book of Isaiah Jesus is the ultimate general and a blood thirsty killer. The maneuvers and the details sound more like the plot of a Chuck Norris film than something holy and sacred.
Jesus shows up and kills the antichrist. Then he orders his armies to trample his body. Then he revives him and then hurls him into the lake of fire and brimstone along with his handler the false prophet. This is their reward for trying to usurp the throne of Christ. Then anyone who mistakenly followed those misfits will also be killed and cast into the Bottomless pit of sulfur as well.
Now that the two evil henchmen are out of the way Jesus then plots to destroy the remaining wicked mobs that rebel against his word and proceeds to overturn kingdoms. With great anger he will deploy chariots of fire to swoop down and use fire from heaven to destroy the remaining wicked. “For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh: and the slain of the Lord shall be many.” So According to Isaiah Jesus will murder “many” people when he comes back.
The battle will be devastating to Jesus’ enemies and it will all end with a Whirlwind that will come by and cleanse the planet of all of the filth. There may be a few body parts lying around, but the birds will be able to finish off what is left of the wicked. After a long day of fighting and burning wicked to stubble – Jesus then decides to save the Jews.
I always wonder why anyone would want to see this happen in real life. It is what is in the Bible and these same frightening messianic war plans are also in The Koran.
Christianity and Islam share some similar beliefs, with much different outcomes. Jesus Christ plays a central role in the Islamic eschaton. Muslims believe in the resurrection of both the wicked and the righteous and the final judgment. Jesus also comes back as an angry murderer that descends and converts the world to Islam, kills the Jews, breaks crosses, declares himself a Muslim and gets married. Sunnis and Shiites have a different view on the role of the Muslim Mahdi, This apocalyptic figure will arrive before Jesus the Shiites view this deified man as someone who will establish order in the world and turn people to Islam before the return of Jesus.
Now can you honestly believe that this world is going to work out its differences when the ancient hero mythologies allow the messianic figures to kill indiscriminately with God’s permission?
In Exodus it is written that God is a warrior, his angels are also warriors and Jesus is a warrior. Muslims feel that same way—there is no way to escape the madness and to say that one religion is more peaceful or more violent is a mute point.
According to Christians like Reverend Pike, God still wants people to fight evil, and still helps them win as long as they are prayerful and make sacrifices in order to kill evil doers in his name and with his permission.
I always wonder if the Gospels have been perverted in order to create not only a holy shield, but a holy chip on the shoulders of Christians and Muslims who wish to change the world with their fanatical stands on such matters.
It worried me that while I played the voice of Alynn Pike on the air, ted was not choked up—as I held back tears thinking to myself how devastated I would be if my love Janine were to leave me a message before she took her life.
He seemed unchanged. He seemed not at all troubled and energized by her death. He seemed satisfied that this would be for the good of his cause and that his fight against the demons and his eventual victory will be well worth the scourges and the hardships that he has sustained with the demonic war.
This is where I wonder – is he imagining all this? If he is then this would make him crazy.
But he remains certain and his stories of the war with Satan are being related on his website and elsewhere. What will this mean for his reputation?
The idea that God or Satan is doing someone a favor by killing them off because of their beliefs is a bit hard to swallow. The very same idea that God gives permission for a demon or devil to attack and eventually convinces someone to take their life is also difficult to even tolerate.
However it is happening—it is becoming the subject for many courtroom dramas these days. Do it yourself exorcisms that end up in death, children dying of diseases because the parents believe that if it is “god’s will” the child will live.
Leaders of the world are now nudging God and using God as a cudgel to warrant all out war against a nation and the virtual genocide of many people. This of course can be seen as a demonic manipulation as the will of God and goes against the idea that God is love in every respect. It is tolerated and allowed because they have permission by God because of something called manifest destiny.
On the other side of the religious border we see Muslims strapping bombs to their chests and the chosen people threatening the world with retaliation if they have to share their land with what they deem animals and low life bottom feeders.
It is also interesting to see that soldiers who fought in our continuing war against the Muslim terrorists have returned home only to commit acts of muder on the families and others and then commit suicide.
Is there some sort of advantage that we are taking on innocent souls who may already have a predisposition for violence, or even fantastical zeal for the downfall of an all encompassing satanic cabal that is out there waiting to be neutralized?
Religion is recruited troubled people and our Armies are recruiting troubled soldiers. The mental health of the entire world becomes suspect and the social agnostic stance seems more and more inviting to young and old alike.
Is this newfound militant faith in both the Muslim and Christian faiths Satan’s way of wiping them out?
I guess it is all good if it is done with God’s permission.

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