I am supposed to be on my Thanksgiving vacation and I can’t sleep because I am watching the world reveal its open conspiracy in a way that most people would fight against kicking and screaming. Unfortunately all I see is ennui. I started seeing signs that the topic of a conspiracy to create World war 3 angered some of my listeners. I was surprised at the anger—but then again it is hard to hear that the man who said he would bring hope and change is truly out to create a world where all areas can be reduced to mere economic zones that can be controlled and held as collateral against the people.

While many will claim that President Obama’s policies were anti war and pro American they are only holding on to their party affiliations which will mean absolutely nothing in the future because whomever holds the position of president there will be the continuance of world domination through constant conflict, isolation and destruction of challengers, and prevention of smaller challengers from uniting to fight against the New World order.
There seems to be a network of dominoes that are falling on cue and we can literally see this well planned conspiracy as it is being constructed on a tried and true blue print. I have been frustrated seeing people posting in social networks already choosing sides politically when they should understand that looking at this issue from a right or left angle is truly misleading. Watching it all being carried out from a position that is above all of the political left right paradigm will paint a picture that is clear and chilling.
I am officially declaring a Crisis of confidence against Barack Obama– in my opinion his presidency is an epic failure. Just so you know there is no confidence in any Republican Candidate either. I am thinking that after re-reading parts of the book “The Grand Chessboard American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives, that all of the latest upheavals in the world are part of the great plan to create non state entities and to prepare the world for the New World order. The book is written by Barack Obama mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski
Since the well planned out mass murder on September 11, 2001, wars and rumors of wars have ruled our lives. We have become accustomed to the bad guy wearing turban and the good guys wearing digital cammo. The war against terrorists had to be dumbed down to the level of a football game in order for Americans to think that they have a team that is carrying out the will of the people. The reality is that all of what is happening has been predicted, orchestrated and controlled for the survival of the elite and their policies of total control.
What we are seeing is in reality the final conflict before total world domination brought on by NATO and the United States where we will be seeing very soon the dissolution of all national governments. According to the “The Grand Chessboard “ blueprint , these actions of war by the US and NATO will lead to nation states being incorporated into a new world order, controlled solely by economic interests as dictated by banks, corporations and ruling elites concerned with the maintenance of their power. Maintenance of course is war and criminal activity in other nations. . As Brzezinski advises Barack Obama on foreign affairs, I believe we are beginning to see the United States becoming the aggressor in many new and awaiting conflicts and this is putting our lives in grave danger.
Our government has failed us and it is now in control of operators that have been neocon strategists who want to bring on the Eschaton in order to secure resources from the planet. It is a Psychological trap where Americans now have become ambivalent to the idea that some of our aggressive actions in countries like Pakistan are setting us up for a major conflict in the near future and if anyone wants to rebel—the battlefield will also be on the streets of the United states.
The mere form of government cannot safeguard a nation from falling into the depths of corruption. You can elect any Tom Dick or Harry into the presidency and they still would not be able to protect the nation from swinging towards despotism and it is becoming evident that the people of the United States of America are witnessing that partisanship cannot be the determining factor in “values” and the substantive process of running a government.
If you thumb through the pages of history you will see that Germany under President Hindenburg was a republic. Yet within the republic an economic meltdown occurred and a despotant named Adolf Hitler was able to flourish in this democratic republic.
Of course using Hitler as an example sometimes becomes a turn off because no one who is partisan to one party or another in the United States wants to hear that their leader or candidate espouses any philosophies that Hitler had. The Godwin argument put into play though has merit because history has fooled us into believing that The Germans were all gullible and that we would be smarter and would know and point out a monster immediately
We all have been brainwashed into believing that Hitler was always a monster and that there were no redeeming qualities in him. Either his people had to have been really stupid or really evil to follow him into the darkest pages of history. But as you can well know, habits die hard.
Hitler was able to stealthily move through the republic and receive the confidence of the people. The reason was because at the time there was no effective, competently organized, ‘mainstream’ right-wing political party and as a result the economy in Germany had tanked. Germans feared the Communists and also hated the Jews. There was also an incident known as the Reichstag fire where Hitler blamed the destruction of the building on the Jews. As you can see history repeats itself as our war on terror began with our own Reichstag fire, the attacks of September 11th, 2001
People believe that the United States is too great of a nation to fail. It is erroneously believed that there are too many safeguards to prevent a Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini to rise up on American soil. We have blind faith that this country will never be steered in the wrong direction because we mistakenly believe that this system, that we are all a part of is based on the principles of God and God is on our side.. not on the side of heathen, the Muslim or Communist.
There is a frightening emotional investment that we put into things here in this country. I say that it is frightening because Nationalism never is a substitute for common sense. We have been victimized to the point of losing our ability to discern morality. We seek the quick fix . We also seek out saviors, messianic superman to create a Monarchy that can deliver us into the hands of God.
Somehow the people surrounding President Obama seem to be taking advantage of their power and those who were on the other side are becoming more embittered and polarized.
George W. Bush was considered a President with Nazi philosophies. Now, Conservatives claim that Obama is the Nazi, or the socialist, or even the Marxist. Isn’t it obvious that the entire government is corrupt, and that Nazi / Marxist suspicion is really the ghost of good old fashioned fascism whispering in your ear that something “wicked this way comes”? Are you strong enough to admit that your emotional investment in a candidate “branded as THE Messiah” was a result of planned programming to accept despotism? The playing field is now equaled.
We are closer now to a world war because loosely defined there needs to be a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy.
The United States has now embracing a more predatory philosophy by attacking countries unprovoked and killing civilians. Wars today do not make sense. They are prolonged pogroms and soon we will no longer understand why we are at war in the first place or worry about the repercussions.
I have ben seeing headline after headline that is pointing to a predatory stance by the United States against many nations of the world.
It is obvious that the United States is actively trying to destabilize Pakistan. It looks as if there is a coup in the works to replace their leadership with leaders that are more complaint with the American agenda for Central Asia as designed by Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Not a day goes by when we do not hear of some terror operation against Iran. We are constantly hearing of the threats Israel has made against them, which turns up the heat in a war of words and intentions that could spark a powder keg in that region of the world.
In Africa we are sending the Marines to Uganda, and invading Somalia in what is being called a shadow war. This is being done as a response to China who uses these countries as resource areas, which the US sees as a threat.
Our stance on the NATO European Nuclear shield has once again stirred up cold war attitudes from Russia.
In Syria we have seen horrific images being aired on CNN and other news networks in order to stir up an emotional consensus that something needs to be done to interbvene however it is not hard to understand that the United States has hired these troublemakers to destabilize the government there as we did with Libya.
We were originally a benign force in the world, Now we are making enemies on a global scale and many people do not realize that many of these enemies are far more deadly than just mere terror organizations that now are in control of American intelligence and act under the supervision of the Intel apparatus.
Can there be a reason why there has been such a push for deadly and insane behavior by the United states? These wars and the overall changing of our attitude about predatory attacks seem out of character – and many people are so ambivalent to it and think that the rest of the world has it coming – that the culling of human lives are a better alternative and that the New World Order will be the dues ex machina chosen to intervene and save us all. However, there will be a lot of carnage and destruction during this time of economic struggle and predatory war mongering . That is why many people believe that the wars we are fighting now are for the sole purpose of Elite controlled depopulation.
As It has been the agenda by the elite to cull 2/3rds of the world’s population. Agenda 21 and the meetings of Bilderberg and club of Rome, have all placed at the forefront programs and ideas to promote global sustainability. The biggest secret of all is that with the human genome projects and other genetic programs the elite not only can kill at will, but can make better soldiers.
The plan of the open conspiracy and the plot of world war 3 can be summed up as an open plot to destabilize all governments in Central Asia and to encircle both China and Russia with Garrisons in order to trap and force their hand into wiping out areas where we see 75 percent of the world population, 60 percent of the world’s GNP and three fourths of the worlds energy resources.
America now is confident they can do this with troops and artillery that have been worn down with two simultaneous wars in the Middle East and at least three or more military actions in the region.
Taken from the blueprint of Obama mentor Brzezinski we read the following quote:
“Two basic steps are thus required: first, to identify the geo-strategically dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power and to decipher the central external goals of their respective political elites and the likely consequences of their seeking to attain them , second, to formulate specific U.S. policies to offset, co-opt, and /or control the above.”
Brzezinski also decries democracy because he believes that it is too humane at home to permit acceptance of the necessarily brutal intimidation by military force abroad. That is why Obama under his tutelage is now showing his suicidal tendency to create deadly enemies and put us in harm’s way, ever confident that we will remain an unconquerable force in the world. There is a tendency to encourage a brutal attitude towards an “other” no matter how defenseless or even non aggressive they are. If a leader of that country decides to not participate in the global empire they will be wiped out with a swift stroke.
Are Americans becoming ambivalent to the idea of casualties, economic failures and other losses because they believe that there are outside threats that are far more important that need to be dealt with at whatever cost?
This is not a plan that is meant to be a “ we win one war, they lose theirs “– This is what they want – once again a dumbed down war that is like a football game. This has far deeper repercussions. It is an attempt to whittle away various countries and reducing them to an economic statistic. Each world power will be reduced to statistical zones that are created to indicate economic wealth and resources status.
This will be controlled by a central or unified world government lead by a dictator or governing body that controls economic growth and stability. This is no longer conspiracy theory – but an open conspiratorial blue print where Armageddon is just a matter of time, and the thinning of the human element will be the key to having a wealth of resources that can be redistributed to various non entity states created and controlled by the global elite.
You better start believing in World war 3 because the global elite sure do.

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